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The Greek letter Theta was used as an ancient symbol for death or danger. As the repository for technologies, artifacts, and knowledge deemed too dangerous for public awareness or even storage elsewhere, Memory Theta embodies the ancient legacy inherent to its name. Due to its highly classified contents and location, the facility and its staff have been given a quasi-mythical status among even the highest echelons of Starfleet.

Previous administrators have resigned from the post due to workplace stress and psychological strain. Retrieval missions are not for the faint of heart, having garnered an unofficial reputation of terror in the Starfleet grapevine. Whenever a Theta team shows up, it often means some type of horror is on the horizon.

Pay no mind to the domesticated Borg drone butlers.

Peruse the Memory Theta Archives if you dare, or contact us with an entry of your own--please use this template.

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missing This simulation is rated 16+.

Latest News Items

» Moving Day

Posted on Tue May 28th, 2019 @ 8:37pm by Commander Mrazak in Sim Announcement

After a tumultuous 30 days of seeing Bravo Fleet unravel at the seams, the command team has elected to dissociate Memory Theta from that organization and take up with the 22nd Fleet. We'll keep the Sim of the Year award for 2018 posted on the Sim Page because we earned that, but you should already see Bravo Fleet insignia disappearing. The new fleet has graphics forthcoming, and they'll be added in time.

Stuff like that isn't important, however. Our amazing group is. We've got some novella-sized JPs about to be published, and once they are, it's off to the races.

For more information on the 22nd, check out the website. Otherwise, keep being your awesome selves!

~Captain Akiva ben-Avram/Commander Mrazak

» Awards!

Posted on Fri May 3rd, 2019 @ 8:41am by Commander Mrazak in Sim Announcement

My fellow Thetans,

I am pleased to announce that there are now sim-level awards. Many of them are long overdue, particularly the dedication citations that mark those players who have been with us from the beginning. New players will be recognized with existing awards in due time when conditions are met. Players are free to nominate one another (or even themselves, in the event of an oversight), and if there are ideas for other awards, please let me know.

With nothing else to add, congratulations to those who've received belated awards! I look forward to awarding more to our newer players in the near future!

» Bigger and Better

Posted on Mon Feb 4th, 2019 @ 10:09am by Commander Mrazak in General News

The first month of 2019 has been pretty stellar. Not only did we kick off our next mission, but we were recognized as Bravo Fleet's Sim of the Year.

Our new mission will be a canon one, the first of its kind for us. We'll be tackling the Cardassian response to the Alrakis Pact with our trademark panache. That doesn't mean the sandbox creativity is off the table though. There are enough contingencies planned to handle whatever comes down the pike. I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.

Here's to a strong and vibrant year ahead of us!

» The Clock Tolls Midnight

Posted on Sat Dec 22nd, 2018 @ 10:05pm by Commander Mrazak in General News

Upon the winter's solstice, we draw an end to Mission 2 "Half Past Dead"! The dread Clock Makers were narrowly defeated, though not without great cost. Mission 2 is officially closed as of today, but Mission 0 (backstory) and Mission 2.5 (Interlude) remain open for posting until Mission 3 opens on the New Year. Many of you have already dove head-long into the Interlude, which is amazeballs. Keep up the good work, but don't neglect your health and hearth. See Golden Rule #1.

I want to thank everyone who participated in this mission, whether it was in the direct story or in the many supporting threads back at Overwatch Station. Each and every one of you are the life-blood of Memory Theta which makes us stand out among the rank and file, and I am proud of what we have built in the last year. Look at me, getting all sappy. *sniff*

Enjoy your holidays, whatever they may be, and Merry Christmas to one and all. See you next year!

» Happy Birthday, Memory Theta!

Posted on Thu Nov 1st, 2018 @ 2:23am by Commander Mrazak in General News

It's true. One year ago today, Memory Theta officially hatched from the chrysalis of several collective ids and failed Nova installations into the glorious decoupage of doom that it is today. Thank you to everyone, new and old, as we toast the passing of the first year and the coming of the new. It seems coincidental that Memory Theta is on the Celtic calendar, but we're a liminal sim, so I suppose it fits.

Happy All Hallow's Eve, All Saints Day, and Theta New Year to one and all!

Latest Mission Posts

» We Have Ways...

Mission: S1E3: Barbarians at the Gates
Posted on Sat Aug 17th, 2019 @ 11:06pm by Commander Mrazak & Lieutenant Karna Zsan & Lieutenant Colonel Storr Garlake & Gunnery Sergeant Roderik Kos & Ferrofax & Lieutenant Arkady Sjet & XiaoLi Zhan

When the away team had been beamed aboard, it was to the Vault on Deck 4 as per standard protocol. The pattern buffers had been set to lax parameters so that no one and nothing got left behind. A pair of Marines had met the six individuals and now vacant…

» Line of No Return

Mission: S1E3: Barbarians at the Gates
Posted on Mon Aug 5th, 2019 @ 11:42pm by Commander Mrazak & Lieutenant JG Jaya Maera Garlake & Lieutenant Commander BaoJun Qiao & Lieutenant Sophie Xiong & Lieutenant JG Grace Sternwood Ph.D. & Gunnery Sergeant Roderik Kos & Ferrofax & Lieutenant Commander Kazyah Linn & Lieutenant Commander Garai Fenia PhD

Mrazak snorted awake to a crick in his neck and a stiff back. After contacting the Office of Special Investigations, he'd thought to catch a few winks. Rather than moments, hours had passed. It was now early morning by ship's time according to the chronometer on the wall. What had…

» My Immortal

Mission: S1E3: Barbarians at the Gates
Posted on Thu Aug 1st, 2019 @ 5:07am by Captain Akiva ben-Avram & Staff Warrant Officer Laena ben-Avram

It had been 24 hours since the unspeakable had happened. There was a replicator full of intoxicating beverages that might have been tantalizing to some. Akiva was no stranger to suffering. Life, it seemed, was one long series of catastrophic events after another, and he had long ago learned how…

» 一往无前Once Forward, No Retreat

Mission: S1E3: Barbarians at the Gates
Posted on Tue Jul 2nd, 2019 @ 4:23am by Commander Mrazak & Lieutenant JG Ryland Dedeker & Lieutenant Commander BaoJun Qiao

"Well, that went entirely to shit," Bao grumbled to his muse as he moved towards the bridge. [Oh, don't be ridiculous. All things considered it was nearly painless,] came the reply of his erstwhile AI, Sunny, fulfilling her apparent duty to be a sarcastic bitch to the man in her…

» Crawling in the Dark

Mission: S1E3: Barbarians at the Gates
Posted on Thu Jun 27th, 2019 @ 2:43am by Commodore Gareth Tau & Commander Mrazak

The investigation had taken a turn for the worse. Not only had Memory Theta dug up leads in the suspected Cardassian connection with the Species 8472 attack in the T'ien system, but they had also uncovered some sort of Starfleet Intelligence operation, perhaps more than one, which seemed directly tied…

Latest Personal Logs

» Arrival

Posted on Sat Mar 24th, 2018 @ 8:13pm by Lieutenant JG Zork

“I thought I knew what I’d be getting into, but this place is past the beacon. Way past. The administrator - well, the interim administrator I guess - and the Intelligence Liaison are both off the station, so my first report for duty I was pretty much on my own.…