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Commander Sayuri Onaga

Name Sayuri Onaga

Position Rogue

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Lagashi (homo sapiens lagashi)
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10 (177cm)
Weight 158lbs (11 stone/71kg)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Violet-within-Blue
Physical Description Tall for a Lagashi, between her athleticism and attitude, Sayuri exudes confidence with every step. Eschewing the Starfleet uniform after the mutiny, she now typically wears dark overcoats to better hide her implants and weapons (typically a phaser on a drop-leg holster and neural truncheon). Despite her casual apparel, the ambient glow of her eyes still makes her stand out in a crowd.


Father Onaga Kenji
Mother Onaga Haru
Brother(s) Onaga Kohaku
Sister(s) Onaga Manami
Onaga Mitsuki
Onaga Satomi

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sayuri is an introverted individual who prefers her internal world over the one around her. She can be witty and playful, but often only from an observer's perspective. As the middle child of five siblings and four sisters, Sayuri has a strong sense of karmic fairness and assertiveness. Being a natural strategist, Sayuri is indifferent to the use of violence - it is but one tool among many in her repertoire.

Life since the mutiny has stolen her inner joy, making her more casually bitter than ever before. Small pleasures are now taken and guarded protectively.
Strengths & Weaknesses Sayuri is well-versed in various forms of martial arts, both traditional styles of Goju-Ryu karate and Wing Chun to modern Lagash Kenpo and Judo. As a former Security officer, she is competent with most weapon forms, whether melee or phaser.

As a Lagashi, her subdermal and lymphatic implants promote a peak physical condition that requires minimal exercise to maintain. Additionally, the shackled AI Koi which resides within her cortical implants allow for ease of processing and calculation. Between the Koi AI and the haptic sensors embedded in her fingers, Sayuri has a limited broadcast capability to allow for a 'technopathy' wherein she can interact with cybernetic and mechanical interfaces from a short distance.

Sayuri tends to focus on the quasi-mystical side of her transhumanist culture, which in her case amounts to begging her ancestors not to count her acts of dishonor against her. She does her best not to be superstitious, but old traditions die hard.

As a mercurial temperament, her diplomacy can at times leave something to be desired - like her technical skills in anything non-computing.
Ambitions Sayuri wants to stay alive long enough to buy off the multiple bounties on her head. The number of hauls and scores necessary to make that happen will probably see her to an untimely grave.

In the meantime, she wants to repair the damaged Chimaera to its original glory, with perhaps a few upgrades stolen or otherwise acquired from the new frontier in the Gamma Quadrant.
Hobbies & Interests Sayuri enjoys art of most kinds, though mostly of the visual and musical variety. She enjoys ordnance as much as the next ex-Security officer, but her true interests lie in historical artifacts and other items of rare cultural value. Technology is great, but she views it as merely a tool for enhancing life.

Personal History Born on the Dance of the Dusk arcology on Lagash IV, Sayuri was raised in a middle-class merchant family who had fallen from fortune. The various upgrades she had received should have qualified her for success within her culture, but due to the outstanding debts of her family, she would have had to start from the lowest rung of society. By comparison, Starfleet was much more appealing.

After graduating from the Academy with high scores, Sayuri entered service and distinguished herself in various conflicts. Her natural aptitude for security duties quickly placed her in line for a swift promotion and placement as security team lead, but her career stalled there. Between her philosophy of personal excellence and her Lagashi heritage, many of her colleagues kept her at arm’s length. The notorious Black Nagus organization approached her with a quid pro quo offer: in exchange for harmless data, reports, and other intelligence, Black Nagus assets within Starfleet would ensure that she received the recognition and advancement she deserved.

Sayuri always told herself that she was given the Chief of Security post on the USS Chimaera due to her service record, but she could not deny the sudden change once her Faustian deal had been struck. On the Chimaera’s maiden voyage, Sayuri came across a communique which called for the capture of the Chimaera by Consortium and Black Nagus operatives. Realizing the gravity of the situation, Sayuri double-crossed the Black Nagus and Starfleet alike by executing a mutiny of her own. Not knowing who could be trusted, she assembled a skeleton crew who could help seize the ship and still keep it flying in restricted Dominion space. As a result, Sayuri has found herself a wanted fugitive of the Black Nagus, the Consortium, the Dominion, and Starfleet.
Service Record 2377 - 2381
Cadet - Starfleet Academy

2381 - 2382
Ensign - USS Farragut - Security Officer

2382 - 2385
Lieutenant JG - USS Farragut - Security Team Lead

2385 - 2387
Lieutenant Commander - Deep Space 5 - Assistant Chief of Security

2387 - 88
Lieutenant Commander, Deep Space 5 - Chief of Security

Commander - USS Chimaera - Chief of Security

AWOL Commander - USS Chimaera - Captain