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Memory Theta is a planetary installation and orbital platform with full automation to allow for minimal staffing. Protected by regenerating ablative armor and multiphasic shielding along with a subspace dampening field as security features, Memory Theta is as well protected as any starbase and extremely difficult to locate. Through contacts in Starfleet Intelligence, reports from Command, civilian authorities such as the Vulcan V’Shar, and even black market traders willing to sell dangerous technology to the Theta library, Memory Theta monitors and collects potentially hazardous technology, artifacts, and discoveries.

Originally conceived as a temporary holding facility for objects and technology that defied standard Starfleet storage protocols, Memory Theta quickly developed into a permanent black site installation. Upon the completion of the planet-side deep storage installation and its support satellite station which was given the nickname Tartarus, Theta teams were dispatched to actively acquire data and items suitable for its secure and protected archives.

Shifting borders and powers in the Alpha Quadrant have resulted in the recent attachment of a small Defiant class vessel to support Memory Theta’s mandate and ensure its defense. The USS Phantom is now permanently attached to Memory Theta, allowing for more mysteries and pitfalls than ever before.

The Memory Theta organization is built upon four pillar agencies: Starfleet Command, Starfleet Science, Starfleet Intelligence, and Starfleet Marine Corps.

Starfleet Command appoints an administrator (typically from the JAG office) and provides many of the support personnel for the station.
Starfleet Science oversees the catalog of entries in Deep Storage and leads the field team.
Starfleet Intelligence issues alerts and furnishes mission details.
Starfleet Marine Corps provides KOS (kill-on-sight) security functions in the facilities themselves, and provides general security for the field team during missions.

This simulation is rated 16+.


2020 Tournament of Simulations - Outstanding Star Trek and #1 Sim Overall

2019 Tournament of Simulations: Excellent Star Trek

2018 Tournament of Simulations: Excellent Star Trek