Name Description
USS Phantom The USS Phantom is a heavily modified Defiant class vessel which has traded a bit of its firepower for greater propulsion and defense systems.

Deck 1 – Bridge, Strategic Operations Conference Room, Auxiliary 1, Enhanced Main Deflector, Forward Phaser Pulse Cannon, Communications Array

Deck 2 – Crew Quarters, Mess Hall, Transporter Room, Infirmary, Engineering (Upper Level), Computer Core (Upper Level), Aft Torpedo Launcher, Forward Phaser Array

Deck 3 – Main Engineering (Lower Level), Quantum Slipstream Drive, Computer Core (Lower Level), Forensic Labs, Impulse Engines, Aft Deflector, Aft Phaser Array, E/V Control

Deck 4 – The Vault (secure cargo bay with polarized plating), Deep Freeze (cryogenics alcove), Shuttle Bay, Armory 2, Tractor Emitter

Memory Theta Overwatch Memory Theta's orbital platform contains all of the crew living quarters and related services, a few minor labs, a communication hub, and other assorted equipment.

Deck 1: Docking Pylon 1; Station communications array; Arboretum & Badlands observation deck; Storage Tanks 1-4; Storage Bays 1-6; Phaser Array 1; Station thrusters 1-6

Deck 2: Station Security Office, Brig and Interrogation suite; Station Armory; Transporter Room 1; Upper Torpedo Launcher; Upper Torpedo Magazine, Auxiliary Station Defense control; Auxiliary Station maneuvering control; Escape pods; Shield generators 1-2

Deck 3: Senior Officer's Quarters; Junior Officers Quarters; VIP Quarters; Officers Ward Room; Holodeck 1; Station Operations Room upper; Communications Room; Secure storage bays 1-3; Escape Pods; Station Thrusters 7-12

Deck 4: Station Operations Room lower, Station defense control; Stellar Cartography/Planetary Monitoring Control; Station Administrator's Office; Theta Staff Offices 1-6; JAG Office; Conference Rooms 1-3; Transporter Room 2; Phaser Array 2-3

Deck 5: Enlisted Quarters; Civilian Quarters; Mess Hall; Station Lounge & orbital observation deck; Holodecks 2-4; Gymnasium; Upper Computer Core; Replicator consumables storage; Auxiliary life support; Escape Pods

Deck 6: Sick Bay, Medical Officer’s office; Medical Isolation ward; Medical labs 1-2; Medical Storage; Science Officer’s office; Science research labs 1-3; Science containment facility; Science storage; Upper Station Engineering; Middle Computer Core; Escape Pods; Shield generators 3-4

Deck 7: Lower Station Engineering; Lower Computer Core; Station Engineer’s office, Micro fusion reactor & reactor monitoring; Station maintenance fabrication facilities and parts storage; Engineering support lab; Main Life support

Deck 8: Marine Barracks; Marine Commander’s office; Marine Armory; Marine Training facilities Marine ward room; Storage bays 7-8; Phaser Array 4-5; Lower Torpedo Launcher; Lower Torpedo Magazine; Transporter room 3; Escape Pods; Station Thrusters 13-18

Deck 9: Station Maneuvering control; Flight Control Center; Flight crew Briefing Room; Main Hanger Bay, Auxiliary ship Engineering and Maintenance facilities; Auxiliary ship parts storage; Ship munitions armory; Storage Bays 9-10; Escape pods

Deck 10: Docking Pylon 2; USS Phantom Engineering and Maintenance facilities; Storage Bays 11-14; Planetary observation deck; Reactor coolant storage; Waste disposal and recycling; Shield generators 5-6; Station Thrusters 19-24; Phaser Array 6

Memory Theta Deep Storage ("Tartarus") Memory Theta's planetary installation consists of a deep underground archive with dozens of cataloged decks with several vacant ones for future storage. The dwarf planet, nicknamed Tartarus, is a barren mineral formation barely large enough to maintain a spherical shape. It completes its orbit every few millennia, give or take a couple centuries for gravitational distortions in the Badlands.