Specifications - Memory Theta Overwatch

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Memory Theta's orbital platform contains all of the crew living quarters and related services, a few minor labs, a communication hub, and other assorted equipment.

Deck 1: Docking Pylon 1; Station communications array; Arboretum & Badlands observation deck; Storage Tanks 1-4; Storage Bays 1-6; Phaser Array 1; Station thrusters 1-6

Deck 2: Station Security Office, Brig and Interrogation suite; Station Armory; Transporter Room 1; Upper Torpedo Launcher; Upper Torpedo Magazine, Auxiliary Station Defense control; Auxiliary Station maneuvering control; Escape pods; Shield generators 1-2

Deck 3: Senior Officer's Quarters; Junior Officers Quarters; VIP Quarters; Officers Ward Room; Holodeck 1; Station Operations Room upper; Communications Room; Secure storage bays 1-3; Escape Pods; Station Thrusters 7-12

Deck 4: Station Operations Room lower, Station defense control; Stellar Cartography/Planetary Monitoring Control; Station Administrator's Office; Theta Staff Offices 1-6; JAG Office; Conference Rooms 1-3; Transporter Room 2; Phaser Array 2-3

Deck 5: Enlisted Quarters; Civilian Quarters; Mess Hall; Station Lounge & orbital observation deck; Holodecks 2-4; Gymnasium; Upper Computer Core; Replicator consumables storage; Auxiliary life support; Escape Pods

Deck 6: Sick Bay, Medical Officer’s office; Medical Isolation ward; Medical labs 1-2; Medical Storage; Science Officer’s office; Science research labs 1-3; Science containment facility; Science storage; Upper Station Engineering; Middle Computer Core; Escape Pods; Shield generators 3-4

Deck 7: Lower Station Engineering; Lower Computer Core; Station Engineer’s office, Micro fusion reactor & reactor monitoring; Station maintenance fabrication facilities and parts storage; Engineering support lab; Main Life support

Deck 8: Marine Barracks; Marine Commander’s office; Marine Armory; Marine Training facilities Marine ward room; Storage bays 7-8; Phaser Array 4-5; Lower Torpedo Launcher; Lower Torpedo Magazine; Transporter room 3; Escape Pods; Station Thrusters 13-18

Deck 9: Station Maneuvering control; Flight Control Center; Flight crew Briefing Room; Main Hanger Bay, Auxiliary ship Engineering and Maintenance facilities; Auxiliary ship parts storage; Ship munitions armory; Storage Bays 9-10; Escape pods

Deck 10: Docking Pylon 2; USS Phantom Engineering and Maintenance facilities; Storage Bays 11-14; Planetary observation deck; Reactor coolant storage; Waste disposal and recycling; Shield generators 5-6; Station Thrusters 19-24; Phaser Array 6


Class Orbital Platform
Role Support Station


Decks 10


Officers 50
Enlisted Crew 50
Marines 50
Civilians 10
Emergency Capacity 250

Weapons & Defensive Systems

Shields Mutiphasic Sheidling, Subspace Dampening Field
Weapon Systems 6x Phaser Arrays (rotary mounts)
2x Tri-cobalt Torpedo Launcher
Armament Ablative Armor
30 Tri-cobalt Devices

Auxiliary Craft

Shuttlebays 1