S1E6: Where Skies End

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Starfleet Intelligence reports that a group of Starfleet deserters has raised trouble in the GAMMA QUADRANT by stealing prototype Dominion technology on behalf of a pirate lord. Memory Theta has been tasked with collecting this technology to prevent destabilization in the region and the rekindling of post-war tensions with the Dominion. Fiddler's Green, the fortified pirate haven, is hidden inside the Stygian Traverse, a small sector of space where warp travel is treacherous and is haunted by interphasic cosmozoans along with ghosts from the Field Team's past.

Mission 0: Everybody Has A Story

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Characters old and new have stories to tell.

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S1E1: Bynars Be Bygones

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When a Starfleet android is blamed for the death of a Bynar, which in turn irreparably disrupts the interplanetary network of the Bynars' master computer that links the entire race, the new field team members are assembled for an away mission to Bynaus. Can they determine the scope of damage and reverse it before the Bynars are rendered extinct?

Season 1 Interlude II (E5.5)

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In thanks for rescuing two admirals from the ill-fated Trill Liberation Army uprising on Deep Space 9, the Memory Theta administrative staff and field team is awarded a two-week stay at the presidential suite reserved for Federation dignitaries at a 5 star Risian resort.

S1E2: Half Past Dead

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The distant colony of New Far Florence has been silent for months. Sensor data and distress calls give disparate accounts of the colony's final hours. A Theta alert is triggered to ascertain their fate. Will Memory Theta's field team discover the hideous secret of New Far Florence or will they suffer the same fate?

Season 1 Interlude I (E2.5)

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The completion of the Clock Maker Crisis of Abadar's Gate brought about many consequences and changes within Memory Theta. It would be several months (February to May) before the field team became embroiled in another galactic crisis. In the meantime.....

S1E3: Barbarians at the Gates

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Species 8472 makes a surprise appearance in the Cardassian Demilitarized Zone, which the Breen (along with their Alrakis Pact allies) labels an alliance between Cardassia and the foreign power. A string of 8472 appearances culminates in an attack on a Federation system. While the Alrakis Pact condemns the Cardassians for attacking the Federation, Starfleet calls in Memory Theta to confirm or deny the alleged Cardassian link in the sporadic attacks by Species 8472. Can Memory Theta uncover the mystery before war breaks out between the Federation and the Cardassian Union?

S1E4: The Hills Have Eyes

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Geological activity at Sol II’s north pole, within the Lakshmi Planum near the primary agricultural colony Concordia, has unearthed a vault from deep within the planet’s crust. It contains active mechanical automatons who insist their creators are still present on Venus. Memory Theta has been called in to unravel the mystery of the ancient machines and their ominous message.

S1E5: Symphony of Horror

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When the administrative staff of Memory Theta are summoned to Deep Space 9 for a formal Starfleet inquest that will decide the fate of the agency, Captain Mrazaks runs off in pursuit of a Theta alert in order to prove his worth and that of Memory theta. Alucard, the sole moon of Corvus Prime, suffered a massive detonation which left behind traces of illegal thalaron radiation. Due to the medically vampiric nature of the Corvans and signs of illegal bioengineering research, Memory Theta is sent to uncover the hidden secret of the world nicknamed Planet Dhampir -- and prevent the thalaron-irradiated material from destroying the undead world.