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Lieutenant Teejay

Name Teejay

Position Forensic Science Specialist

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human/Vulcan Hybrid
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 174lbs/79kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Slender build, average height, dark skin and dark brown eyes. Subtly pointed ears, dark thick wiry hair, usually sports a neat beard when working, but this state can decline rapidly if working in the field for long periods of time. Intricate and mismatched runic/pictorial tattoos on both his upper arms.


Father (Mother refuses to name him)
Mother Aamek (Vulcan) - Vulcan Science Directorate
Brother(s) Miton - half-brother (Vulcan) - [Starfleet Intelligence Officer] - Teejay is unaware of this

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jovial, outgoing, open, confident and self-assured. Keen to learn everything, talk to everyone, find out whatever he can. Driven by a need to investigate people, places, artefacts and their stories. And particularly, and ironically, their dead. Generally amicable, but gets cranky if he doesn’t have enough sleep. Uses volume and sarcasm in place of caffeine and can take it as well as he gives it. He doesn’t like being on his own, but he hides this fairly well around strangers.
Strengths & Weaknesses Knows a wide variety of sign languages
Stronger than average human for his size and weight
Very sensitive hearing
Enhanced endurance (water/food)
No issues with lying or showing emotions

Zero telepathic talent/can’t mind meld
Needs his sleep just like a normal human
Caffeine has little effect on him
Vivid nightmares
Ambitions Exploration rather than glory. To discover and learn new things
Hobbies & Interests Reading any culture’s Book of the Dead, ghost stories, graveyards, tombs, pawn shops and historical locations. Movies. Drinking, talking and spending time with people.

Personal History Feral child. Found aged about eight or nine on half a wrecked starship which seemed to be some sort of tomb for a variety of races and creatures. Some were mummified, some were mere skeletal remains, others were frozen, cremated or pickled and they had clearly been this way for some time. Only the boy was alive and at the time of his discovery, he couldn’t hear a thing and seemed unable to speak. He learned sign language to communicate at first. With time and care they discovered his lack of speech to be psycholgical, while his deafness was physical and correctable by existing medical science.

Denobulan traders found and rescued him. He was found out in the Mitral System, Gamma Quadrant, a low level emergency beacon barely broadcasting, life support still active in the remnants of the transport ship, but the entire front section of it missing. They nicknamed him after the ship while they tried to find out who he belonged to and eventually (a couple of years later) tracked down his mother who was serving on a scientific outpost. She wanted nothing to do with him.

Schooled and raised by the Denobulan traders, Teejay was always surrounded by life and a found family, but also fascinated by death, dead things and the transition between life and death. He understood that this wasn’t a viewpoint shared by most, but sought places where death had been - ruined civilisations, burial grounds, battlefields, murder sites, crime scenes - and studied history and archaeology in order to further his studies in this field. He has zero telepathic ability and his intuition isn’t anything special either, but he swears he can hear or sense ghosts and lost souls. Whether this is true or some form of an inside and personal joke is difficult to prove.

Aged 17 he made peace with his mother, though neither of them needed anything material from each other, she finally acknowledged him as her own. She encouraged him to study, vouched for him to work with a tutor from the Vulcan Science Directorate, and arranged for him to travel with said tutor on a significant field trip. Despite this, and to her further frustration, on his return, Teejay decided to join Starfleet.

He majored in Forensic Archaeology, specialising in underwater and underground finds. As part of his time at the Academy, and many times since then he’s worked with field CSI teams on cold cases, battlefields, both new and old crime scenes all over the known sectors. He prefers his bodies to be less squishy and more dusty/skeletal, but over the last eight years he’s seen pretty much the whole spectrum.

Served on several different science and exploration vessels and has been assigned to multiple joint ventures with teams in a variety of weird and wonderful locations.