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Lieutenant Commander BaoJun Qiao

Name BaoJun Qiao

Position Xenoscience Specialist

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Lagashi
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 6'4
Weight 103Kg at 1G
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Physical Description BaoJun is a tall, and solid man, despite his obvious ancestry. He has a broad, oval face with a wide nose and relatively prominent lips. His eyes have the expected almond shape, though they are set, perhaps, just a little bit further apart then the aesthetic ideal, and are usually masked with a faint blue glow from his ocular implants. He is usually clean-shaven, although extended ventures in the field can leave him with a weak beard. Having grown up on Lagash, with its high gravity, and being fond of field excursions, he has both relatively high muscle mass, and reasonably good definition. However, his stance usually appears a bit bullish and uncoordinated at first glance, a result of both muscle memory and some bio-tech ‘upgrades’ to deal with the strain of his large frame in the gravity of his homeworld. However, he is actually capable of surprising speed and dexterity under the right circumstances.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Qiao Li
Mother Jin JunHua, Wang Ling
Brother(s) Qiao AoLi - 9
Sister(s) 7 sisters aged 11 to 25

Personality & Traits

General Overview BaoJun is, politely, a bit of a nerd. While he is usually happy, he is particularly enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the social sciences. Being naturally curious by disposition, he has a working knowledge of breadth of social fields including: history, political science, art/art history, theology and philosophy, sociology, psychology, linguistics, economics, and their associated support skills. Using this knowledge he can craft reasonable narratives and make predictions, though he is sometimes a bit overeager. He is also quite extroverted and genuinely interested in people, although he has a tendency of slipping into “lecture mode” or “observational researcher” around people, and can come across as shallow or disinterested by mistake. Additionally, he makes no apologies for being Lagashi and is reasonably proud of his people’s free market society, which can cause friction with many.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Inquisitive multi-disciplinary researcher
+Above average strength and environmental resistance

-Social Stigma: Lagashi (cybernetics and gene modification)
-Prone to bouts of occasional hubris
-Minor foot-in-mouth tendencies
Ambitions Be the first person to catalogue and describe a new species. Discover a social ‘theory of everything.’
Hobbies & Interests He is legitimately interested in virtually everything he studies, and often will pick up or try anything related to a culture he has or is studying at least once. On a consistent basis, however, he enjoys connecting with the ancestral culture(s) of the Lagashi. He is a regular practitioner of Tai Ji and Wing Chun, plays the GuZheng, and reads (and occasionally attempts composing) Daoist poetry.

Personal History BaoJun Qiao was born in late 2361 on the Lagashi capital world’s Kiss of the Sea arcology, to overjoyed parents who had scarcely hoped to have a boy on their first pregnancy. In most respects, his family was typical for the Lagashi, a husband and wives with a large number of children, which they spaced as well as possible at 2 year intervals from each other. As a child, he was quickly noted to be both gregarious and ridiculously prone to curiosity, to the point one of his teachers eventually demanded he submit all questions in writing instead of interrupting the class lecture. He had little trouble being accepted to the Lagash Institute of Social Sciences in due course, and graduated after good performance.

Less typical, however, was the path he took afterwards. His curiosity was drawing him away from Lagash. He had already learned what there was to know there and wanted more, despite the cultural stricture against endangering males. So, he joined Starfleet, which lacked that particular stricture. He did well in the academy, and upon graduation was assigned to the USS Ranger, a science vessel cataloguing extinct civilizations. Aboard the Ranger, he participated in numerous research missions, and made a name for himself in xenoscience circles with his sometimes unorthodox, but usually well supported theories. Eventually he was offered a position with the team studying the Dyson Sphere, which he immediately accepted. He was quite surprised to receive an offer to join a different team only a year and a half later, especially with scant details provided, but a few, what he believed were discreet inquiries, made it clear the offer wouldn’t likely be repeated, so he found himself joining the staff of Memory Theta.
Service Record 2377-2380: Lagash Institute of Social Sciences
2380-2384: Starfleet Academy -- Xenosciences
2384-mid 2386: Xenoscientist, USS Ranger
Mid 2386-Late 2388: Xenoscientist, Jenolan Dyson Sphere Initiative
Late 2388 – Present: Xenoscientist, Memory Theta Field Team