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Ensign Rozreell Purr

Name Rozreell Purr

Position Geoscience Specialist

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Trill
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 5’7” / 1.71m
Weight 126lbs / 57kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Rozreell Purr is an attractive Trill with an elfin presence. She has lustrous dark hair that frames her face, complementing her large expressive brown eyes. With an elegant stature and graceful demeanor, she exudes both sophistication and allure.


Mother Imanni Tamil

Personality & Traits

General Overview Rozreell Purr is a joined Trill and Geoscience Specialist of the Gamma Quadrant. Serving as host to the Pur Symbiote, a once successful actor and artist, she is a peculiar mixture of scientist and maestro.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Expert

-Attention Seeking
Ambitions Continue to explore the Gamma Quadrant for novel or unknown geoscience processes that formed the planets, asteroids, and anomalies of its systems.
Hobbies & Interests Rozreell uses her personal time to indulge the hobbies and interests of the Purr Symbiote. Painting and singing, acting and sculpting, she jumps from interest to interest as desired. Rozreell enjoys partaking in the beauty and pleasure that life can provide.

Personal History Rozreell was born on Trill and raised by a single mother. Like most Trill, her early desires and expectations had been to be joined with a symbiote. With joining being a rather competitive goal, it pressured Rozreell to be an excellent student and a general overachiever. With an affinity for history and science and a general appreciation for nature, Rozreell became interested in geology.

Prior to graduation, Rozreell applied to the Trill Symbiosis Commission and was immediately discouraged by the application and review process. Every Trill undergoing review was an exceptional student and humanitarian, in a pool of excellence it became a game of who you knew rather than who you were. Rozreell found the entire process disheartening. Rather than wait for her rejection notice, she applied and was accepted into Starfleet Academy. Continuing with her interest in geology, Rozreell joined Starfleet Science and took further interest in the discoveries being made in the Gamma Quadrant.

Meanwhile on Trill, Rozreell’s symbiote application remained archived, neither rejected or approved, her profile remained updated but unconsidered until Apolito Purr stumbled upon it in a moment of desperation.

Apolito was an acclaimed actor and thespian and like every Purr host before him, he was a patron of the arts. From fashion to music, poetry and sculpting the Purr Symbiote selected its host based on the next field of liberal arts it sought to explore. But the artist’s heart is a romantic one and Apolito had originally selected his next host to be one with connections to a former lover. Known as “re-association” the act of rekindling relationships from previous lives is a social taboo for Trill. Those found attempting to re-associate are prohibited from symobite transfer following the death of the current host. While Apolito wasn’t formally accused of re-association, there was enough of an investigation to cause him to select a different host. Looking for the total opposite of everything he had ever done, Apolito selected Rozreell and her impending departure to the Gamma Quadrant.

The request to become a host for the Purr Symbiote was a surprise to Rossellini but ultimately she accepted, few Trill would reject such an offer. Following Apolito’s death, Rozreell and the Purr Symbiote were joined. Rozreell took a brief leave of absence from Starfleet and spent several months adjusting to having the memories and experiences of five different lifetimes the Purr Symbiote provided.

Following her joining, Rozreell now had a love for opera and poetry, enjoyed sculpting and painting, and began to play the piano. She also found herself a touch more melodramatic and romantic with an affinity for flashy and eye-catching clothing. None of which were particularly suitable for field work in the Gamma Quadrant but Rozreell eventually found a balance between her past lives and present.

Rozreell has spent the past two years exploring the Gamma Quadrant, performing geological surveys making her an expert in geological sciences for the region.
Service Record 2387 - 2389
Ens: Gamma Command - Geoscience Specialist

Ens: USS Hercules - Senior Cadet

Graduated Academy Science Track with rank of Ensign