Archive Entry Template

Created by Captain Mrazak on Sat Dec 15th, 2018 @ 3:46pm

Anyone who wishes to submit an entry in the Memory Theta Archives is welcome to do so. Please follow this format in the template provided. Submission constitutes permanent world-wide permission to use submitted content, as well as to edit and otherwise alter all intellectual property as necessary for creative collaborative purposes.

Every archive entry should represent a material threat, whether extinction level or personally dangerous. The only content requirement is that it should be something that would not have an easy solution to neutralize or contain. Exact destructive capabilities can be elucidated in the description or notes. The addenda section is optional, depending on the nature of your entry. If no image file is recommended, then one will be chosen by Memory Theta Command.

Designation: MT-xxxx (random four-digits)

Code Name: (self-explanatory)

Classification: (lifeform/technology/anomaly/etc)

Initial Discovery Date: (approximate calendar date or random stardate)

Initial Discovery Location: (self-explanatory)

Subsequent Discoveries: (date & location)

Description: (appearance/likeness only)

Lab/Field Notes: (observed function and tale of woe)

Addenda: (in case the lab/field notes get too long or complicated)

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