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Captain Mrazak

Name Mrazak

Position Field Team Leader

Second Position Lead Science Specialist

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vulcan

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10
Weight 176
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description A medium build and posture frames the eternal smirk with which Mrazak greets every situation. His physical strength is weak for a Vulcan, though it's still at an average Human level. Mrazak's steps are quick and lithe to reflect his mastery of the art of running away from danger.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Mrazak is a V'tosh Ka'tur, or Vulcan Without Logic. His refusal to undergo kolinahr and adhere to the ancestral Vulcan teachings have left him something of an outcast to his people. As a result, his telepathic prowess is not focused enough to perform mind-melds. Free to embrace his passions, Mrazak has a lust for life that is rivaled only by his zeal for discovery and wrath for his adversaries. His generalist approach to scientific research has garnered him a well-rounded understanding of most major fields of study. Rather than keep his heretical status a secret, Mrazak freely tells one and all that he is his own Vulcan. As the Lead Science Specialist of the ultra-classified Memory Theta installation and commander of its acquisition team, he is not often in a position to embarrass the Vulcan people. Those who cross him often earn an enemy for life, but fortunately he tends to forget individuals when they are no longer useful or otherwise relevant to him.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Wicked smart
+Persuasive extrovert
+Familiar with most forms of equipment

-Physically unimposing
-No combat skills of any kind
-Classical narcissist
Ambitions To uncover and catalog the secrets of the universe.
Hobbies & Interests Mrazak enjoys dissembling things to see what makes them tick. Reassembling not so much. That is a job for engineers. All mysteries and puzzles are treasures that he compulsively unravels and solves.

Personal History Born on Trilan, Mrazak grew up in the closest approximation to poverty known to the Federation. The Vulcan colony had been ravaged by mutants and raiders in centuries past, and the survivors favored a life and culture of austerity which would not attract future unwanted attention. Rather than money or achievement, the Vulcans of Trilan came to value knowledge above all else–even c’thia, or Logic. Mrazak’s thirst for knowledge was atypical even among the intellectually minded colonists. Despite his illogical upbringing, Mrazak’s aptitude for scientific research set him apart from other applicants to Starfleet Academy, and he was readily accepted and graduated with honors.

The political disfavor that V’tosh Ka’tur have among the Vulcans did not grant him an assignment befitting his qualifications, In fact, Mrazak’s first post was in the Operations department of a remote outpost where he was tasked with monitoring subspace relays in the area. When he soon pinpointed the location of a probable cloaked Romulan listening station, Starfleet Command recognized that his abilities were wasted in Operations.

Upon the completion of Memory Theta, Mrazak was made a blind offer for a lifetime position at the classified research installation. Mrazak snatched it up without a second thought. Many staff members come and go from the eldritch Memory Theta facility, but for Mrazak it became home.
Service Record \2374 - 2374: Ensign | Sanitation Specialist (Operations) - Outpost 99

2374-2378: Ensign | Communications Officer (Operations) - Outpost 99

2378-2381: Lieutenant-JG | Research and Archives Specialist (Science) - Memory Theta

2381-2385: Lieutenant | Science Specialist - Memory Theta

2385-2388: Lieutenant Commander | Lead Science Specialist - Memory Theta

2388-2389: Commander | Field Team Leader / Lead Science Specialist - Memory Theta

2389: Captain (meritorious promotion) | Field Team Leader / Lead Science Specialist - Memory Theta