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The Sol Disruption

Posted on Wed Feb 24th, 2021 @ 9:36pm by Captain Mrazak
Edited on Wed Feb 24th, 2021 @ 9:38pm

Field Team Leader's Log, Supplemental

It should be noted that while this was yet another successful mission under my direct supervision and leadership, the Theta report was a self-generated one. The FORTUNETELLER artifact, MT-0001, delivered a premonition of widespread destruction whose epicenter was within the Sol system but would eventually engulf multiple quadrants. As the Lead Science Specialist of Memory Theta, it is my opinion that the entity designated ABAD'ASHAR by the rogue artificial intelligence designated OLD GREGG is potentially related to the quarantined artifact MT-2373, codenamed MEDUSA, within the Gamma Quadrant's Stygian Traverse. Furthermore, I suggest these unusual and inorganic living monoliths may be widespread, and therefore I recommend a covert protocol for every scientific survey within Starfleet to be on alert for anything which parallels these entities. Without the aforementioned prior warning of FORTUNETELLER, the likelihood of detection of the subversive capabilities of the ABAD'ASHAR would have been next to null considering the more overt attacks by the OLD GREGG sentience. Due to the ability of the ABAD'ASHAR to awaken either shards of itself, or potential offspring, through use of infrasonic radiation, Starfleet and the Federation would likely have been distracted by cyber-defenses against the rogue AI's intrusions until it was too late -- especially if other ABAD'ASHAR exist in adjacent systems and were likewise awakened. The BOLO should be classified SIGMA-9-THETA as per standard Memory Theta protocol.


Let it also be noted that Lieutenant Grace Sternwood served with distinction, as did Lieutenant Kara Madavi. When Lieutenant Sternwood returns from medical leave pending recovery of her temporary mental episode, she will be reassigned to Sol II where she will be joined by Lieutenant Madavi as part of our remote monitoring program. Should signs of the ABAD'ASHAR, OLD GREGG, or other ancient relics of the planet's original inhabitants and/or colonists from nearly one billion years ago. Should the Office of Special Investigations approve, they will be the first in the scientific survey group that will ensure this threat is not repeated elsewhere.

End supplemental.


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