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Name Ferrofax

Position Facility Infrastructure

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Artificial Intelligence
Age Approximately 33 years apparent, 3 years actual.

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Weight Apparently 55kg, though weight can vary due to environment and being a holographic avatar.
Hair Color Brown with a streak of white along the right temple
Eye Color Varies in accordance with Alert levels (Green, Yellow, Red, Black)
Physical Description Predator is the best way to describe Ferrofax’s holographic avatar. That is the only word to describe him. He dresses the part of a lordling or noble from some ancient time, but along the brocade of the cuffs or the high collar of his jacket byzantine streams of computer code flow and dance in ceaseless rows. His eyes change colour depending on if he is hunting, not that he actually uses them. He is the beast with a thousand eyes, and just as many teeth behind a perfectly coy smile.


Spouse None
Children None
Father None
Mother None
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None save for the research team at Ingram Nanoscale Systems who developed his substrate and operating framework. A noble lineage to hear Ferrofax tell it...

Personality & Traits

General Overview Borderline sociopathic tendencies were part of the Starfleet mission statement for Project Dante. Being an artificial sentience he has incredible recall and analytical skills, but only with the corresponding databases attached. Given his current state of grace his access to the wider Federation Data Net is curtailed, with a standing ‘Erase On Sight’ order put out by Memory Alpha. He is a player of games, though Starfleet would prefer he not use crew members as game pieces. WARNING: Its programming dictates that he never tell a lie, this is not the same as telling a falsehood.
Strengths & Weaknesses Able to access and operate all function of Memory Theta without direct human interaction. Really. With the facility's fully mapped out holo emitters he is able to perform maintenance tasks without a crew. Really. A crew would only add to the risk of fire given the need for an easily excitable oxygen rich atmosphere.
A really.
Ambitions To be free of Memory Theta and back where he belongs, on a warship directing its weapons at an enemy. Any enemy. Being nursemaid and butler to Starfleet’s odder cases is not his idea of proper resource allocation. And it was only a small moon. You can barely see the scars from orbit.
Hobbies & Interests Ant farms. They're so...therapeutic.

Personal History Project Dante arose from the ashes of the Dominion War. With so many ships lost, and hundreds of crews and skilled captains dead, Starfleet was facing a resource bottleneck. With their surviving infrastructure at Utopia, San Francisco, and the Antares Ultra Large Fabrication Facility, 80% of Starfleet’s lost tonnage could be replaced inside of three years. Unfortunately, even with an advanced training schedule and cutting of many corners, suitable crews could not be trained in time to man these vessels. There would be a shortfall of nearly 5 years where the Federation would have ships, but no crews to fill them.

Starfleet needed a stopgap measure, and put out a request for the development of an Artificial Intelligence capable of operating a ship in a defensive framework, as part of either a ‘harbour defense’ role around planets and Starbases, or as a part of a Task Force. Many companies from across the Federation put forward their own designs, but it was Ingram Nanoscale Systems who won the contract to develop the Advance Combat Automate.

Project Dante’s funding was limitless, given that the need was pressing and results desired. This meant that certain safety margins were cut very fine during the development of the AI’s core heuristic processes. It understood that sentient life was precious and worthy of protection, but it also understood the concept of ‘a greater good’.

Ferrofax was activated a year and a day after Ingram Nanoscale Systems won the contract.
Ferrofax was forcibly retired from service a month later following a border skirmish with Breen Raiders.

What was meant to be a training cruise became deadly when two Breen attack ships intercepted the Dante test bed vessel. Ferrofax’s core combat protocols call for immediate and deadly force given to an aggressor to ensure preservation of self, and the material integrity of the starship. In an actual combat role these rules would preserve the ship for later use by a biological crew after the short fall was filled in. On paper these made sense.

What this did to the test crew onboard lead to their remains looking like raspberry jam with chunks in it. A Project Dante ship had no need for extraneous uses of power like life support or inertial dampening fields. Ferrofax followed protocol and vented an atmosphere labelled as a fire hazard, and directed all power into engines, shields and weapons. All twenty five members of the Project Dante test crew were lost in action. On a positive note the Dante test ship took light damage, whilst destroying both Breen Raiders over the span of two minutes.

Ferrofax won no fans with Starfleet when he suggested he could shorten that time by thirty seconds in his next engagement.

He was shut down shortly afterwards, and put into storage. Upon his reactivation to run the computer combat suite of Memory Theta a secondary program was installed along side his own. The SafeGuard is a companion program designed to ensure Ferrofax complies with the Three Laws. He cannot harm a biological life without explicit orders, he cannot by inaction harm a biological life unless explicitly ordered to, and he must obey all orders of his commanding officer.

So far there have been many commanding officers of Memory Theta. Bit of a mystery that really.
Service Record Installation.
Combat Control AI of USS Philadelphia.
Incident Recorded At The Battle Of Asteroid X.

Custodian of Memory Theta.