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Staff Warrant Officer Conchobar Breathnacht

Name Conchobar "Con" Breathnacht

Position Rogue

Rank Staff Warrant Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 37

Physical Appearance

Height 184cm
Weight 72kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Con is neither particularly tall, nor particularly thin, but is a touch on the 'youthful' side for a man his age. He has relatively thick 'talking' eyebrows and a fairly strong jawline. During his Starfleet career he favoured a buzz cut and was usually clean-shaven, though time on the fringe has evolved him to a less kept hairstyle and bouts of stubble. His fashion choice runs more towards the simple and the practical.


Father Seamus Breathnacht
Mother Mairead Breathnacht
Brother(s) Seamus Jr.
Sister(s) Molly de Saint Ceran
Other Family Brother-in-Law, a nephew

Personality & Traits

General Overview Conchobhar is a bit of a cut-up and a clown. His default attitude towards life is the universe is a farcical joke, so why not laugh? His speaking is often irreverent, usually colourful, and always what he actually means. His manner gives him a lot of friends, but not a large number of close/intimate ones: the goofiness does not really have an off switch.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Improvising/Creative Problem Solving
+Excellent practical engineer

-Does not know when to be serious
-Party Animal

Personal History Conchobhar was born in Roscrea, Tipperary on Earth, a nowhere in the middle of nowhere in the 24th century. His parents were heritage farmers in the town. As their oldest son, he was always a bit of a disappointment. His school grades were not bad, per se, but he was often in a fair spot of trouble for his antics. He excelled primarily in subjects that involved doing to learn, and was involved in athletics. Towards the end of his secondary schooling, a particularly perceptive teacher arranged for his path to cross a particularly good Starfleet recruiter.

Much to the family's dismay, Con took to the idea of Starfleet, and enlisted. He ended up specializing in engineering, with a particular flair for propulsion and damage control. His early career was quiet, though he was noted for coming up with some rather creative solutions that had no business working and there are a handful of notations about what he got up to on shore leaves. The outbreak of the Dominion conflict moved his career sideways. Suddenly creative engineering was in massive demand. He ended up working extensively in fleet yards improvising repairs to damaged ships, and making the so-called "Frankenstein fleet" of cobbled together ships function.

After the war, his record earned him a place with the Advanced Design Bureau, becoming a team lead for propulsion systems, and often participating in teams dealing with power systems. His biggest project was working on the Javelin fighter, which ultimately began the end of his career. He was personally involved in delivering a unit of them to the USS Sentinel in the Delta quadrant, where, through a series of unfortunate events, he ended up being stranded with the ship for a time. Upon return, Starfleet had decided to move in a different direction, and he ended up out of Starfleet service and on his way to a new colony in the Gamma quadrant as a civillian specialist.

He was not unhappy, but thanks to the Consortium the Gamma Quadrant ended up in hell in a handbasket as well. Improvisation, fast talking, and skill have landed him on Fiddler's Green with the hope of taking to the stars again.
Service Record 2370: Enlistment, strikes as a wiper
2371: Advances to oiler
2373: Outbreak of Dominion Conflict, assigned Avalon Fleet Yards
2376: Transfers to Advanced Design Bureau
2383: Delivers fighters to USS Sentinel in the "Orion Pirate" incident, stranded in Delta Quadrant with USS Sentinel
2386: Return to Earth.
2387: Leaves Starfleet, travels to Gamma Quadrant
2388: Consortium activities force abandonment of colony. Odd jobs lead to Fiddler's Green
2389: Joins the Chimaera mutineers