Posted on Sat Mar 24th, 2018 @ 12:13pm by Lieutenant JG Zork

“I thought I knew what I’d be getting into, but this place is past the beacon. Way past. The administrator - well, the interim administrator I guess - and the Intelligence Liaison are both off the station, so my first report for duty I was pretty much on my own. That was before the holograms and the drones, anyway. Halfway through checking over the maintenance reports, two Borg walked past. I called for security and they laughed at me. Apparently the drones are part of the mission here?

“That and that weird hewmahn asking about codes for the photon torpedo launchers? Security didn’t laugh at that one, but they said not to be alarmed; that they’d handle it. It took me an hour longer than I expected to get through all of the preflight checks, though, but I finished my report on time. Not that there’s anyone here to review it ....

[a light brush of fabric against fabric]

“I remember I went through the Badlands one time. My dad called me up to the bridge so I could see it. He hated it, spent the entire time complaining that it wasn’t worth the trouble being there - but he knew I liked watching the shuttles, so he had the helmsman show me what he was doing to get the big ship around the storms and all. Who would have guessed. There’s anomalies and storms and singularities all around this [rustling and creaking] ball of rubble. Can hardly see past the moon it’s so bad.

[rustling and two thuds]

“I can’t wait to fly something through this. I hear there’s a Defiant waiting for me, too. That’s a ship, right there. I should get friendly with the engineers, see about boosting the thrusters and jets.

“Anyway, I’m waiting for Lieutenant Commander Linn to get back so I can formally report in. Guess I have a few days of diagnostics and checks to run until then.”