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Yesterday Ended Last Night

Posted on Sat Jul 1st, 2023 @ 3:24pm by Captain Mrazak & Commander Arianna Frost

Mission: Season 1 Interlude II (E5.5)
Location: T'Sen's suite
Timeline: ID6

Her dream had started off wonderful, so full of colour and passion and emotion until other people who claimed to be sharing in the dream showed up and claimed Mraz's attention. She couldn't pull them away from him, nor him away from them. During the entire exchange, she was stuck behind what looked to be an impenetrable glass or transparent aluminum. She could hear everything they were saying, even the loud male voice that seemed to come out of nowhere. No mutter how much she screamed, banged on the window and managed to summon and throw things at the barrier in hopes of breaking it, it did not budge.

When Mraz disappeared she wanted to disappear too, but only did so when the bed actually moved and then re-adjusted itself as body weight was removed.

"Fusion..." T'Sen muttered, "...Mraz..." one hand blindly pawed at the empty side of the bed.

Mrazak hurried to the bed with a tray full of morning remedies. "Here, my love." The words felt awkward but still flowed like honey from his lips. "I woke up from the worst nightmare with the most awful headache. Here is tea from ShiKar, P'Jem, Adoss, Merak II, and a spiced Seyalian blend I've heard my pest of a Deltan counselor rave about." Eyes red, nose crusty, and thin goatee matted against his chin, Mrazak still smiled wide like joy on two feet.

T'Sen struggled to adjust in the bed so she could sit up, her bones and muscles hurt and looked over at Mrazak, "thank you, love. Oh I love tea!" She reached over gingerly and took the cup from him. "I had an awful nightmare. I was stuck behind a transparent barrier, and I saw you talking to others, even T'Bela. I screamed for you and called and begged and you couldn't hear me." She gave him a somewhat accusing stare. "Even Telum was there and a blonde woman, and a vulcanoid man...completely naked. And another human...and a strange, bodiless voice."

She took a sip of tea, "Fusion, this tastes hideous. My mouth feels like soap....and ash..." T'Sen said with a grimace, "you look as bad as I feel. Yet still somehow unbelievably appealing."

"In sickness or in health, I would still drink your bathwater," Mrazak said with a purr that ended in a hacking cough. "Although I could do with some antihistamines..." Her earlier words finally rung a bell in his foggy mind. "Wait... you dreamed about the Brotherhood and a naked man?" His prominent brow rose in startled interest. "Was there a hideous flying beast as well, astride by an intransigent human female?"

T'Sen nodded vigorously and instantly regretted it as she realized her head was tugging and pounding. "Fusion! Ugh!" She groaned and then took another sip, "yes, and a man crawled out of the first hurling insults and the yellow haired human woman started talking about something septic..." then his words finally processed. "Wait, you had that dream too? And you didn't try to help me from behind the barrier?" Her voice grew more high pitched with every word.

"I dreamed you were a flower and I was watering you!" Mrazak countered. "Similar to what we did yesterday, as a matter of fact. How was I supposed to know that was really you?"

"How? Hoooow?" T'Sen glared at him. "Our katras are one, I feel what you feel and you feel what I feel!" She then thought of his words for a moment. "Is that how you think of me? As a flower?" A coughing fit caught her then.

It took her a few moments to recover, "oh Fusion. Mraz, what is going on with us?"

"We've obviously taken ill," Mrazak said. "Perhaps we should get checked out the medical center." Then he turned a scowl at the door. "Or, at least, we could if the door wasn't sealed." His starkly penetrating glare appraised T'Sen rather lasciviously. "Though up until now, it wasn't a cause for concern." He began to waggle his prominent eyebrows but was overtaken by a sneeze that nearly tore his sinuses in half.

T'Sen was slower out of bed than she would have liked, aches and pains coursing through her joints. She padded barefoot over to the bathroom and came back with tissues. "Here, love. I think we should ask for the in-house medical hologram. We're going to spread these germs onto anyone who comes into contact with us. Didn't the yellow haired woman say a name of the disease she thinks the man who crawled from the ground has? And the disgustingly dancing man and the woman on the winged equine?"

"They're ignorant humans," Mrazak scoffed. "What could they possibly know?" He went to the wall terminal and activated the medical alert button. "Hey! We need help!"

Immediately a holographic woman in an eggshell white jumpsuit appeared in the middle of the room. "Please state the nature of the medical emergency," she said with a smile that flashed far too many teeth.

"We're sick. We caught something..." T'Sen said but couldn't continue due to a bout of painful sneezing that caught her. "We caught..." more sneezes, "just help us!"

"Scanning... stand by. Scanning... stand by." The EMH frowned slightly. "Oh dear. It appears you have contracted a minor infection that has been flagged by the Global Health Authority. Please shelter in place while we dispatch medical professionals to your location."

Mrazak immediately bristled. "No! I am Captain Mrazak Tow'Lasha and I demand to speak with Starfleet Command. Immediately."

"Processing, sir. It appears Starfleet Medical has released a memorandum. All Starfleet personnel of Commander rank and above are to report for medical screening immediately."

Looking at T'Sen, who had no commission whatsoever, Mrazak turned sorrowful. "I'm sorry, love. It would appear that I have one last duty to perform. I will use my rank to get us out of here." His eyes narrowed. "Then I will throw it in their faces."

T'Sen's expression went through a myriad of expressions and emotions. From annoyance, fear, disappointment to elation.

"Yes! You show them who you are, my love! And the come back to me so we can start our future finally!" She plastered a big wet kiss to his cheek. "I'll be waiting! Oh and bring a cure too!"

Mrazak grasped her around the waist and hoisted her up to eye level. "No power in this universe can stop me." He tried to return her kiss but it came out as a sneeze instead. "I am so sorry..."

"It is alright, my love, go so you can come back to me quicker!" T'Sen said, walking over to the bedside table trying to find a tissue. "Go, I will be waiting! Go and be glorious!"

Oh yes. Finally the day had come when Mrazak would tell everyone precisely what he thought of them. He would resign his commission, curse everyone to their stupid faces, and fly off into the corona with his lady love. There was only this last obstacle in his way. If there was anything at which Mrazak excelled, it was overcoming obstacles. He chuckled as he left at his devious plans.


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