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She Said Yes

Posted on Sat Jun 3rd, 2023 @ 9:18pm by Captain Mrazak & Commander Arianna Frost
Edited on on Sun Jun 4th, 2023 @ 11:45am

Mission: Season 1 Interlude II (E5.5)
Location: T'Sen's Suite | Risa
Timeline: ID 5 - sometime before 'Sharing is caring? No?'

The room was in a shambles. Broken lighting fixtures, soiled linens strewn about, and an unnerving amount of fresh stains from food to worse dotted the floor, walls, and ceiling gave the appearance of a crime scene. According to some jurisprudence, that may not have been entirely untrue.

"Wow..." Mrazak gasped to catch his breath, as he flopped back onto the oversized bed. "I need a minute..." The molten wax on his chest was already hardening.

T'Sen chuckled as she slinked up his now prone torso, her sharp nailed fingers dancing around the worked up skin. "You've gotten old, Mraz. You used to go for a lot longer. Back when we had less worries....remember that time?"

The sensation of her sharp fingernail drove Mrazak crazy with discomfort and delight. "You're just trying to provoke me," he said with a lusty, throaty chuckle. "And it worked!"

Throwing himself at her with renewed vigor, Mrazak buried his face in her hair and soaked in every hint and note that he could. Even the scent of her was intoxicating.

"I want to devour you," he growled, biting along her neckline hard enough to leave soft marks. "Like a Kal Rekk cookie."

Her breath came out staggered and ragged, "nothing was ever stopping you from doing that, t'nash-veh tal-kam. I understand you needed to serve..." her sharp nails danced over his shoulders and arms as she flipped over onto her back. "Do you remember those days, when we were young?"

Mrazak paused from his biting long enough to chuckle. "I was a new arrival from Trilan..." he said between nibbles that pulled flesh from her neck, shoulder, and elsewhere. "So naive. So fresh. Like most cadets, I knew nothing of the universe or the secrets it held." This time, when he paused again, Mrazak looked T'Sen directly in the eye. "Then I met you."

Mouths meshing together, Mrazak couldn't restrain himself. "Your mother forbade it. I was V'tosh Ka'tur. As if she isn't. But we showed her, didn't we?" A savage chuckle eked through his mouth between kisses. "Right on her desk in front of her vidscreen." Another chuckle, this one both sinister and mischievous, like that of an adolescent young man.

T'Sen laughed with sheer joy at the memory of the event. "She was absolutely mortified! Haha! Wuh witsh! She and father ended up getting divorced, did I tell you that?! He called her a aushfa vi fam-tor shaukaush. The Surakians are so two faced about everything! It felt so good sticking it to them." She pulled him down to her again, pressing her lips to his in a firm, lust filled kiss. "I miss those days!"

For a moment, Mrazak was silent and allowed himself to sink into her kiss. Hands roved up her body, slowly following and caressing the path of her natural contours and mounds until finally cupping both sides of her face. "So do I..." he finally admitted. "I can't deny it."

She placed her hands on his cheeks, dark eyes meeting dark eyes. "Why not have them again? With our experience, we can be even better now."

"You mean..." The words sounded unconscionable, but the swelling of his heart and various extremities compelled him to speak them nonetheless. "... I leave Starfleet and join you in your civilian research?" While he found the word distasteful, his usual contempt was significantly lessened by their intimate straddle.

She shimmied a little under him, putting more emphasis on how intertwined they were physically. "Or maybe we could both do something new, together. I mean, we're both brilliant in our own fields. You are a certified genius, Mraz, and I'm not for throwing away either. We could achieve greatness together!"

"Greatness..." His dark eyes gleamed as he repeated the word. She always did know which strings to pull. "Go on," he whispered into her pointed ear before sliding himself down her body to enjoy the sight and touch of everything he found. "I'm listening."

Her voice lowered to a husky whisper, "imagine our names being spoken with reverence and fear. Your knowledge, my contacts and our combined charm and influence. Powers would be vying for our ear, paying piles of gold pressed latinum for our services. When they see us, they will either want us, want from us or want away from us. Such is our existence. Glorious. You could write papers that will change the face of science and the way things are done in future generations and they will hail you as Mrazak, the father of discovery."

"YES!" Mrazak loved every word of that. Every word. Just before he took the final descent and let his face disappear beneath her pelvic floor, he gave a guttural command. "Tell me more..."

"I would seek out the edges of the galaxy to bring forward the echoes of history, and..." Mrazak's prowess halted her for but a minute, "be known as the companion of the Seeker of Ultimate Mystery. Everyone will want me, and no one can have me, no one but you! You get to decide it all!"

"I want it all!" Mrazak yelled.

In his exuberance, Mrazak hoisted her up in the air and tied her wrist to the twisted bedsheet that hung from the light fixture. He did the same with his wrist using a second sheet and cinched it with his teeth.

"T'Sen," he whispered passionately. "Will you bind yourself to me?" Quite literally, it seemed. A leather strap lay between them as they hung semi-suspended from the ceiling.

Her lips quirked into a wicked smile, "ha, ek'wak ha." She whispered back and took the strap. "You are mine, and I am yours, Mrazak Tow'lasha." She reached over and wrapped the strap around his neck somewhat awkwardly with one hand, holding the ends with it. "Say the words."

"You are mine, and I am yours, Velekh Selden T’Sen," Mrazak managed to choke out. His face began to turn purple, but a manic grin passed over him anyway.

T'Sen released the strap around his neck and wrapped the free arm around him, bringing him closer. "People are going to be furious and we will laugh in their faces!" Her grin turned a bit feral as she smashed her lips against his, trying to bring the rest of her closer too, while still having their wrists tied up.

"To Fusion with them!" Mrazak shouted. "My hated enemy ben-Avram! Your mother T'Rama! To Fusion with them all!"

Meeting her lunge with his own, Mrazak felt his limbs entangle with T'Sen in a clash of bodies that looked like two spiders climbing atop each other up the wall of a kitchen sink. While their romping continued through the day and into the night, just as it had from the tail end of the previous night, there was a change coming over Mrazak. It was subtle at first, easy to ignore, but after hours upon hours of vigorous and at times brutal passion, it was as if Mrazak had broken through a chrysalis into a new world.

Or, in rediscovering the old love that he had forsaken in favor of duty and service, an old world made new.

As they lied together, their bodies free of clothes and their souls of obligations, Mrazak set the bridge of his nose against hers. Perhaps she was asleep. He was not far from it himself. Her eyes were closed, though, and so in that moment of total naked vulnerability, Mrazak said the words he once vowed he would never say again.

"I love you, T'Sen..."

It was a hoarse whisper, as his throat was rather sore at this point. Once the words were out, a dam broke within him. Beyond feelings, beyond doubts, beyond their utterly spent passion, he felt a resolve burn away his final inhibitions.

"I'll do what I should have done all those years ago," he said to her closed eyes. "I'm going to resign from Starfleet."

"Nash-veh ashaya du nuh', Mraz..." Her soft, content, sleepy voice whispered to his ears. A lazy finger traced the tip of his right ear. "I will resign from the Archaeological Comission." She added in the same soft tone her own promise.

"And then... the galaxy will be ours." Mrazak began one of his sinister chuckles, but it quickly faltered into pure joy. "Yes..." he whispered, finally nodding off into a happy and satisfied slumber.


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