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Reunited and It Feels So Good

Posted on Sat Apr 10th, 2021 @ 9:14am by Lieutenant JG Jaya Maera Garlake & Lieutenant Colonel Storr Garlake

Mission: Mission 0: Everybody Has A Story
Location: Commandant's Quarters | Overwatch Station
Timeline: S1E4 MD 5

The past week had been o1ene of the most turbulent in Jaya's life. She had suspected being pregnant, said goodbye to her husband as he went on another mission, received confirmation of her pregnancy suspicions, defended the station against an intruder, given counsel to the intruder who had acted against his will, and exorcised a disembodied Lethean consciousness from the intruder's mind. It was enough to exhaust anyone.

Despite all of that, the return of her husband would excite her even from her death bed. Storr was more than she could ever imagine from a single man, and she adored him with all her being. She had brief contact with him during his mission, but only to clear him for duty after what he had assured her was a mild contusion. If she weren't so giddy with her news, she might have scolded him for what she suspected was a blatant exaggeration. But news was news. Jaya could not be angry with him, not when he returned to her safe and sound, not after containing her excitement for so many days on end.

And so she waited in their quarters, forcing him to come to her rather than meet him at the airlock as per usual. These things needed to be done properly. Her leg carefully bent just so in order to accentuate her hip as she lounged atop their marriage bed would attest to the propriety of the announcement. Now if he would just hurry...

*Why won't these blerrie doors open any faster?!" Storr thought as his nose was just inches from the airlock, his weight already shifting forward before the first *swoosh* of the automatic mechanism indicated the panels would slide away. He had been gone far too long with far too many things happening and it was far past time for him to return to his wife. Where was that minx anyway? While Garlake expected the Deltan to be just on the other side of the airlock, ready to jump into his arms, he knew that she loved to play her games and today it seemed that she wanted to make him come to her. A smile curled at the edge of his mouth as he nearly ran through the corridor, his seabag over his shoulder. His attraction to her knew no bounds while his dedication to her protection and provision nearly tore him asunder while he was away. Oh, and the press was...well, more than worth coming home to.

The panels opened before the nearly-panting man, his chiseled form nearly filling the doorway and casting a shadow into the dimly lit room. Burning candles and incense throughout was a heady rush but the sight of his pale beauty atop their bed in a semi-transparent neglige was far more evocative. Storr's grin cracked into a full-blown smile as he dropped his bag by the entrance and walked towards Jaya, looking all the satisfied lion that had the antelope right where he wanted it. Both prey and pleasure in one oh-so-scrumptious package...and looking up and down the soft, feminine lines from her toes to her head, what a package it was.

"So, my vrou, your man has returned and he is...hungry."

Jaya let herself chuckle at his nearly feral response to her presentation. "That's good because dinner is served."

With three triplets on the way, it would not be long before her curves changed into a completely different configuration. There was not a single evening to waste.

Storr laid in bed, Jaya's body draped over his and the duvet struggling to do the same to them both. His chest rose and fell rhythmically as he ran the fingers of his right hand along her cheek and around her ear, the two happily recovering from an extended session of marital bliss.

"I missed you, Jaya." he intoned, a gentle smile falling easily across his lips.

"I needed you," she whispered back. If Deltans had a weakness, solitude would be it. And she had felt alone so long, what with the events of the past week. But this wasn't the time for unpleasantness. "I have something to tell you," she cooed, her voice no louder than before but far more whimsical. "You know how we're with child? That wasn't the whole story. As it turns out..." She ran a finger across her womb. "There's more than one story beginning here." Her fingers splayed out to three over the top of her womb.

To be resonated deep in Garlake's soul, as he was sure it did to any other red-blooded man. To know that his provision and protection meant something both physically and emotionally to another was quite fulfilling indeed. All the more so with Jaya expecting. His eyes closed, he listened to her lilting voice and smiled at her mention of being pregnant though her reference to more than one story cause him to open his eyes to slits and look into her playful gaze. Following her eyes as they shifted down to her belly, a moment of confusion passed over him. Three fingers? What could that possibly mean? Surely it couldn't mean...

"Wha...t?" he said in a grunt, pushing himself up on his elbow and turning to face Jaya, his expression turning to one of pure shock. "You don't...can't...I mean..."

"Tests confirmed it while you were away," Jaya said. Though her smile was playful, her eyes were solemn. Every word was laced with the ring of truth. "We're having triplets."

Storr blinked. The next thing he knew, he was looking at the ceiling, a playful Deltan laying over him with a satisfied smile.

"Triplets? You mean, three babies? At once?!" He couldn't believe it. Jaya had quickly turned him into a family man but this was another thing altogether.

Garlake's mind finally started revving down from neutral and into gear as his hand absently stroked his wife's delightful derriere. "So, when are you due? Are triplets common for Deltans?" As the questions continued coming, his mind began moving more from frivolities to concerns. Sitting up, he brought Jaya with him as she sat upon his lap, him looking down into her sweet, sweet face. "Are there any potential complications with triplets? What about with them being Human-Deltan hybrids? Can Memory Theta give you the right medical care you need?"

All the inundating questions just made Jaya laugh at first. "Twins and triplets are not common, but then why would they be? Deltan gestational periods are significantly shorter than with humans. Typically 26 weeks at most rather than 40. It's not uncommon for a baby to be conversational after 16 months." So Deltans bred like rabbits and were cognitively developed at birth. "As for complications... I can't imagine that I'll be having these children naturally. But I suppose that means we get to choose their birthdays." Her eternal optimism produced a merry chuckle.

"And what do we tell our parents?!"

Jaya shrugged, as she was slightly confused by the question. "We became married for the purpose of monogamous coitus. What else would your parents expect from frequent intercourse with the same mate? It is the way of things."

"Well, yes,..." Storr began, then paused. Suddenly his body was racked with laughter as he flopped back onto the bed, the Afrikaner's deep guffaws filling the room. Kissing his Deltan wife deeply, he smiled as the two came up for air. "It is the way indeed, my vrou, it is indeed.


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