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Lieutenant JG Jaya Maera

Name Jaya Maera Garlake

Position Psychology and Psionics Specialist

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Deltan
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4
Weight 95 lbs
Hair Color N/A
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Jaya is tall and willowy for a Deltan, but still smaller than the average human female. Her dark eyes and supple features stand in stark contrast to her bald scalp.


Spouse Storr Garlake
Father Aker Maera – Seyann Meteorological Commission, Seyann (moon), Delta IV
Mother Nephele Maera – Musical Entertainer, Seyann (moon), Delta IV
Sister(s) Riswan Maera (older) – Lieutenant-Commander, Chief Science Officer, USS Shi'Khar

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jaya is a typical Deltan who carries her dry wit beneath a nuanced veneer of aloof sensuality. After fleeing an awkward suitor on the USS Renown, Jaya became more reserved than ever. As a newlywed bride, she has found the security and comfort that she never thought possible away from her people.
Strengths & Weaknesses Although not as telepathic as Vulcans and Betazoids, Jaya shares in the empathic extrasensory perception inherent to her race. She is one of the few Deltans to have successfully performed a mind-meld, though not without consequence.

She swore the Oath of Celibacy like all Deltans in Starfleet, which makes her feel it necessary to place walls between herself and others lest she lead them into infatuation. Despite the ability to share the feelings of everyone around her, Jaya often feels alone. Her nuptials have helped in this regard somewhat, but there are depths to her mind that even her husband is unable to plumb.
Ambitions At one point, Jaya simply wanted to explore the galaxy beyond her homeworld, but after a few years in Starfleet, she dreams primarily of home. Once she proves her marriage can stand the test of time, she intends to bring her husband to her birthplace before retiring to the Garlake family estate.
Hobbies & Interests Jaya has her mother's perfect pitch and enjoys singing along with musical compositions. She's also an amateur holonovelist.

Personal History Jaya was born on the lush, fertile moon Seyann in orbit of Delta IV. Her father was the adjunct commissioner for the moon's metereological commission, which as the closest thing to a bureaucrat that exists in the bohemian Deltan society. Her mother was a care-free musician and singer. Between the two, Jaya came to love and understand people a great deal. 
After her older sister Riswan joined Starfleet to pursue their father's scientific tradition as a science officer, Jaya utilized her interpersonal skills to become a ship's counselor -- a career that guaranteed her to travel throughout the galaxy and get to know all kinds of people.

Recent events, however, have given her second thoughts about her career. After transferring from the USS Renown due to an undesirable suitor as found in its chief counselor, Jaya found herself in deeper water aboard the Vindex. Several situations called for her to attempt mind-melds of a Deltan variety that were significantly less disciplined than the Vulcan form. The resulting crisis left Jaya conflicted and uncertain of her ability to keep her Oath of Celibacy. Later reports that the chief counselor had committed suicide made Jaya question herself, her career, and her future.

After due consideration, Jaya pursued a potential suitor in the MCO Storr Garlake. What was originally a loveless arrangement to keep the letter of the law blossomed into a genuinely passionate, whirlwind romance which culminated in a marriage on Earth--in direct defiance of the Deltan Foreign Ministry.

After securing marriage rights, the Garlake couple soon found themselves facing a change of assignment to Memory Theta which would introduce them to their greatest challenges yet.
Service Record 2381-85: Starfleet Academy
2385: Graduated at Ensign rank
2385-2388: USS Renown (Junior Counselor)
2387: Promoted to Lieutenant-JG
2388: USS Vindex (Chief Counselor)
2388: Memory Theta (Psionics and Psychology Specialist)