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Interview Four - Captain Mrazak

Posted on Sun Feb 16th, 2020 @ 6:07pm by Commander Arianna Frost & Captain Mrazak

Mission: Mission 0: Everybody Has A Story

Mrazak was known for his fuming, but this was an outright compression of lividity. There was nothing he hated more than accountability. If not for the direct order of Admiral Tau, Mrazak would have ignored Frost's investigation merely on principle alone. Alas, his job was at stake, as no amount of cajoling a JAG could get him out of defying a direct order.

Resigned to his action yet under protest, a very reluctant Mrazak chose a bold stride with which to enter unbidden into Frost's office.

"Greetings, Commander." He did not even speak her name. "Let your report show that I am in compliance with the admiral's orders. Now, may we begin? I don't have all day."

Arianna smiled as she leaned over and pulled out two PADDs from the drawer. Leisurely, she set the PADDs to her right, then tapped on the right one and dictated the standard preface that preceded each interview. All in a patient, expressionless tone then she had him state his name, rank, title and position within the structure of Memory Theta.

"Tell me, Captain, how did you feel when you got reinstated to command of the Field Team?" Arianna began.

The question tickled Mrazak with the fond recollection, but his better judgment wondered just how Frost's question pertained to her investigation. "Ecstatic," he said brusquely. "Like the homecoming of a lifetime."

"Would you say this ecstatic feeling has persisted since?" Arianna posed the next question as she observed Mrazak.

From what she had read and heard of him, he was a fascinating case study of contradictions and unbridled ambition. Part of her almost wanted to study him long term, regardless off her current mission parameters.

Mrazak leaned forward and smiled with teeth. "I would most certainly say so." Leaning back, he steepled his fingers together with joined hands. "In my humble opinion, there has never been a better Starfleet appointment. Memory Theta is its black glove, and I am its hand, singularly fit and snug for optimal service."

"I see." Arianna nodded, tapping a note on her PADD. "Tell me, Captain, what was your impression of Lieutenant Zsan, and what was your relationship with Kazyah Linn?"

The question made Mrazak bristle with antipathy. "The two of them may burn together in whichever hell burns hottest. Zsan led me astray into a bathhouse where he made me a proposition I could not refuse. If I agreed to aid him in recovering his personal property from the Lagashi authorities, then that property would allow us to bypass the Lagashi lack of cooperation. At the time, it seemed the best course of action, considering the time frame and obstacles we were up against, but in hindsight I regret ever laying eyes on the man." His voice took on a guttural touch, joining his eyes in expressions of hatred. "My relationship with Kazyah Linn was mired by incompetence and ineptitude. On his part, that is. He routinely failed to serve in the capacity of his role as Chief of Intelligence, and nowhere was that demonstrated any clearer than when he withheld SFI's files on Project Red Route and his orders to apprehend Zsan." The Vulcan Without Logic scoffed with disgust. "I wouldn't be surprised if the two of them colluded from the beginning."

A dark eyebrow quirked at the outburst. "Tell me more about this property and why the Lagashi would have it? Also, what's sparked the thought of collusion?" Arianna pressed. "How did Kazyah Linn fail as CIO under your tenure?"

"I'm sure it's in your reports," Mrazak snapped, but he quickly dialed it back. "Karna Zsan went on a quiet killing spree on the Song of Stars. The Lagashi aren't as stupid as they look, which meant he evaded capture at the cost of them apprehending his property. What was useful to us was some intercepted transmissions and files that shed light on our investigation, as well as a piece of salvage which we identified as a beacon of sorts used to lure Species 8472 into normal space. Using these findings, we tracked the source of the deadly incursions to Cardassian space. Had Kazyah Linn performed his duty, then the catastrophic death toll would have been significantly less than it was. As it stands, the man defected from Starfleet and fled the scene to parts unknown after beaming off my ship shortly after Zsan did. Are you intentionally missing the connection, Commander, or are you overrated as an investigator?"

Frost made no outward reaction, choosing instead to jot down another note.

"I understand the pressure and stress this has put on you and your team, Captain. Considering everything, you are handling the deaths under your command with great gravitas." Arianna said finally, finally looking up at him, "tell me, would you do it again? Collaborate with the likes of either of them?"

"You have asked pointless questions in this interview. Given the chance, would you ask them again?" Mrazak countered. His prominent brow writhed with arrogant disdain.

"I've received quite a bit of information from your answers, Captain. However, for the purposes of this investigation you are still required to answer my questions, whereas I am not required to answer yours." Arianna replied calmly, holding the Captain's eyes for a moment.

Mrazak cackled, though the laughter never touched his eyes. "By your word, then, I have answered you one way or another. How else may I help you?"

Arianna observed him for a few moments again, "that's all for now. There will be another round of interviews at a later date which I will summon you for. Is there anything you wish to add for the record before I dismiss you?"

"One..." She counted silently, "two..."

"For the record? No. Off the record, however, I cordially invite you to suck my lok." Mrazak's frown turned to a wry smirk. "Until next time, Commander Frost."

"There we go." Arianna sighed mentally as he left, "interview terminated." She said as she turned off the recording.

She stayed seated for a while, head leaned into her hands, trying to even out her breathing. This assignment was going to hurt. A lot.


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