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Interview With Danger, Part 1

Posted on Fri Sep 6th, 2019 @ 1:47am by Commander Arianna Frost

Mission: Mission 0: Everybody Has A Story
Location: Undisclosed location
Timeline: a month ago from current time

It had been almost a week since Internal Affairs had been called in. As it went, when one officer attacked another, the present security forces were usually up to the task. As it went.

When one officer meticulously planned and executed several murders of fellow officers over several months, without getting caught, it was not surprising that the local forces would find themselves out of their depth. It was practically unheard of in this day and age, for such a thing to happen. Yet it had.

Luckily this officer had been caught just after murdering his last victim.

The officer had been shipped off to a secure facility to await further investigation and trial. This was where Internal Affairs had been called in, both because it was necessitated by the Starfleet Uniform Code, and to help make sense of the gruesome event by providing fresh eyes and hearts.

Commander Arianna Frost had been tasked with assisting with interviews and to study and record whatever she could of the perpetrator, for posterity. If they could head off such behaviour through psyche evaluations then maybe...

In her experience, one could hardly head off such anomalous behaviour in an individual. Still, her job was to try. That and to solidify all evidence, so as to properly indict him and put him away for good, where he can't hurt anyone any more.

"Lieutenant Jonathan Aldous Shipley. Class of '76, Security/Tactical training, specializing in close protection and mass crowd control. Advanced Tactical Training graduate of '82, cross trained in forensic engineering." Arianna read out the bullet point summary of his Starfleet Record.

"Thirteen years of pristine service," her companion on this assignment, Lieutenant Commander Sardi Garis, the bajoran Chief of Security of Starbase 82, where the murders had taken place, spoke up his tone sad. "Noone caught on."

Arianna looked over at the man, "there are times, mate, when we can't pick up even the slightest inklings that someone is not who we think they are. Sometimes they themselves don't really realize it."

Sardi sighed, "granted, but Shipley knew. How could he not? It was all premeditated, meticulous, it's unconscionable."

Arianna's eyes softened, "you've seen worse, in the Resistance and the Occupation though, Sardi." She pointed out.

"Yes, but you are supposed to be better than that." The man gestured emphatically.

The words echoed in her head, resonating within her core. He was right, they were supposed to be better than that, the Federation. Were and supposed to, were however different to are, and that was something both she and Garis would need to make their peace with. He that his ideal was far from ideal and her that the Federation doesn't always deliver, eventhough they should.

"Anyway," Garis spoke up again, sighing. "We should go in."

Arianna nodded, "indeed." She smoothed up her uniform and put a steely facade on, intended to unnerve her interviewees, so that chinks in the armour might appear.

Straightening her posture, she picked up the PADD from the desk and stepped out of the observation room and into Interview Room 3, Sardi following.

Without a word, she and Garis took their seat and placed a PADD each on the table.

Arianna tapped a command on her PAD and dictated a stardate, "This is Commander Arianna Frost with the Internal Affairs Office, sitting in on the interview is Lieutenant Commander Sardi Garis, Chief Security and Tactical Officer, Starbase 82 and leading Investigator in this incident. This is the interview of Primary Suspect, Lieutenant, now suspended, Jonathan Aldous Shipley, Armoury Officer." Frost dictated in a cool tone.

"Lieutenant, you are charged under the suspicion of murder of eight individuals on Starbase 82." Garis began, equally coolly. "What have you to say for yourself?"

"Like I told you before, boss, it wasn't me." Came a drawled out reply as Shipley looked up at them.


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