Variable (MT-A599)

Created by Captain Mrazak on Thu Jan 9th, 2020 @ 8:30pm

Designation: MT-A599

Code Name: The Variable

Spectral Rendering of Sentient Digital Firmware

Classification: Bootstrapped Sentient Firmware

Initial Discovery Date: Stardate 66018.9 (January 2389)

Initial Discovery Location: Bynaus, Beta Magellan system

Description: Derived from the quantum operating system of an android that bootstrapped its own subprocessor routines, the Variable now exists solely in digital form as a quantum upgrade to the binary system of the Bynar master computer network. The sentient qubits generated by the Variable creates the potential for quantum computing throughout the computer systems and cybernetic denizens of Bynaus. Any attempt to hack or isolate the qubit algorithms results in a cascade failure within the networked computer system.

Lab/Field Notes: The synthetic lifeform designated "Biynah" constructed by a research team headed by Akiva ben-Avram before his induction into Memory Theta ceased to be operational during the Bynar Information Crisis. By 1/1/2389 the Black Nagus Virus (see aforementioned dossier on Bynar Information Crisis) had critically infected the central network of the Bynaus master computer. Memory Theta's field team managed to purge the virus by uploading the android Biynah's positronic network into the computer, forcing a quantum upgrade. The result led to a system reboot and the apparent demise of the android.


(1) In the aftermath of the Bynar Information Crisis, the Memory Theta field team obtained the source code of the Black Nagus Virus, but before it could be returned and logged into the Archive, it was eradicated by the upgrade kernel of a deceased Bynar. The Variable algorithms are therefore to be held in isolation with no computer access, as their capacity for compromising or destroying software is deemed too dangerous for further study.

Categories: Theta Level Threats