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Name Biynah

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Synthetic Humanoid
Age 1

Physical Appearance

Height 160cm (5'2.9'')
Weight 75kg (165lbs)
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description As a synthetic lifeform, Biynah came to be in the same adolescent form she carries today. The molecular cybernetics which generated and maintain her skin are theoretically capable to be altered by her programming one day, but the safeguards currently placed into her system prevent such bootstrapping. As such, Biynah is as designed: an eternally young and ethnically diverse adolescent female.

Endo-frame: Polyalloy skeleton with duranium skull.

Power Supply: Internal recharging power cells. 

Hardware: Positronic brain with quantum subprocessor with bio-neural circuitry populated in silicate gel packs and fibrous nodes.

Software: Modified Soong model positronic network with Human brain mapping.


Exo-frame: Composite silicon flesh and skin generated through intramolecular cybernetic processors and motors.


Father Akiva ben-Avram (Creator)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Biynah is perpetually curious, always seeking out new knowledge and experiences. Her emulation of human interaction is less than perfect but more or less resembling social norms. 
She enjoys experimenting with various emotional stimuli, which lends an air of unpredictability in her interactions with other people. Her disposition is generally sunny yet reserved.
Strengths & Weaknesses Biynah is a fast learner with an eidetic memory. Her quantum positronic subprocessor provides a preternaturally fast computation speed that specializes in inductive reasoning. 

As a synthetic lifeform, Biynah lacks the indefinable quality of instinct which biological creatures possess. This creates a noticeable blind spot in her intuitive development.

Biynah's programming includes a self-designing cortex which allows her positronic processes to form bootstrap upgrades. These updates can be postponed when necessary, but in general she requires a dormant state of rest to apply them every seven days.
Ambitions To learn everything.
Hobbies & Interests Biynah began with the blank slate of a baby and the mind of a genius. Every new experience from the mundane to the esoteric is a new horizon to be cherished.

Personal History Biynah was created through a series of trial and error. Her source code existed in multiple iterations as a disembodied Artificial Intelligence before being uploaded to her new form via a submicron matrix transfer, a state of consciousness debatably comparable to an in utero fetus. After a short period of work-study in various departments, Biynah was claimed by the JAG office for further study into artificial sentience.