Memory Theta

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In 2379, a meeting of the Vulcan Science Directorate was unexpectedly interrupted by an entity from the Q Collective. Later classified as Quaestor, a de facto Continuum leader, the entity placed an unconscious male humanoid into the directorate's custody. The name used by the Quaestor was "Qurban," though no explanation was given as to the cause or purpose. There was only a request to keep him safe.

Supported by a unanimous vote from the Vulcan High Command, the VSD remanded Qurban to the care and custody of Starfleet. The matter of what to do with a Q Exile was one which the admiralty had no protocol or precedent to fall back upon. Debate ran short but vicious, with multiple arguments made ranging from dissection to weaponization.

It was eventually decided to create a remote facility within the Badlands -- far enough away from civilized space to avoid potential adverse consequences, yet still remain defensible -- which would house Qurban until the purpose of the Q became clear. Memory Theta was born. The high level of secrecy and security resulted in Memory Theta becoming the storehouse of horrors that were deemed to risky too be housed elsewhere.



November - "Symphony of Horror"

13 - Alucard, one of the natural satellites of the remote world Corvus Prime, suffered a thalaron detonation that nearly destroyed it. The Memory Theta Field Team responds to the alert. Meanwhile, most of the senior staff report to Deep Space 9 where they must give defense of Memory Theta to the admiralty who intend to sacrifice it to save their own careers.

October - "The Hills Have Eyes" continued


- After being knocked out of the Venusian atmosphere in aerial combat with the Abad'ashar, the USS Phantom is near Mars and manages to pick up Akiva and Khaiel who were abducted and taken there. With everyone reunited, the team determines that Old Gregg must have uploaded himself to Llorona Station, the L1 Lagrange Point station in orbit of Venus and the capital of the colony. They hatch a plan to repurpose the immense solar diffuser array into a solar laser that would focus the power of the sun into a weapon of mass destruction. They infiltrate Llorona Station, defeat Old Gregg and purge him from the system, and finally burn out the Abad'ashar like an ant under a magnifying glass.

13 - An official investigation is launched against Memory Theta. Its future is imperiled, as it has become the scapegoat for the disaster in the Sol system.

September - "The Hills Have Eyes"

29 - Qurban has a sudden premonition about a planet in the Sol system being the epicenter for galactic destruction. Mrazak identifies Venus from the description of Qurban's dream and sends the Field Team there without knowing what they're looking for.

30 - The investigation into Venus rapidly turned from a snipe hunt into an actual looming catastrophe. Uncooperative colonists and crazed eco-terrorists stymy the Field Team, forcing them to split up. An ancient AI, self-designated "Old Gregg" after a Venusian colonists of the same name, the first person it encountered after being awakened by hundreds of millions of years of dormancy. It had been awakened by the return of the Abad'ashar, indigenous lifeforms who had driven off Old Gregg's ancient creators who had attempted to colonize the planet nearly a billion years in the past. The Abad'ashar lives in the mantle of Venus as an inorganic lifeform and bursts through the crust like megalithic fungi. Both Old Gregg and the Abad'ashar make war against one another through technological subversion that cripples the Venusian colony's infrastructure and even causes Spacedock One to break apart in orbit over Earth, eventually crashing. The casualties within the Sol system becomes catastrophic.

June - "Barbarians at the Gates"

13 - The T’ien system is attacked with multiple arcologies damaged or destroyed.

15 - Cardassia sends diplomats to a peace summit at Starbase 72 who only then deny every connection to Species 8472.

18 - MT Field Team is sent to investigate with the knowledge that their findings may cause or avert war.

19 - The investigation goes from the T'ien system through the Valoris Nebula to the Soukara system.

20 - It's discovered that the remnant of the Obsidian Order has devised a beacon technology that opens a portal to fluidic space and releases 'interferons' to draw 8472 bio-ships to attack wherever the portal is opened. Due to a traitor on board, the Phantom was nearly captured, and in a last ditch attempt to prevent capture, Mrazak orders the activation of the recovered beacon fragment. As a result, the Obsidian Order armada and the Phantom are taken through a singularity into fluidic space. Team members survive a violent encounter with tripedal 8472 warriors and encounter two humanoid representatives. The two bipedal members of 8472 name their species the Groundskeepers and reveal they are antibodies for a living galaxy which they refer to as the Morphon. It is this Morphon which contains fluidic space. Striking a bargain to hand over all data regarding the beacons with the agreement to never breach fluidic space again, the Phantom returns to normal space with heavy casualties. The Obsidian Order does not. Lieutenant Commander Kazyah Linn deserts from SFI due to the factional infighting which was responsible for bad intelligence and the subsequent high casualty count.

21 - Upon the Phantom's return to Overwatch Station, Captain Akiva ben-Avram prepares a second Captain's Mast action against Mrazak only to be interrupted by a personal visit from Director Gareth Tau of the Office of Special Investigations. The director was promoted to Rear Admiral due to Memory Theta's contribution to the successful peace summit between the Federation, Cardassian Union, and the Breen representatives of the Alrakis Pact, and so chose to promote Commander Mrazak to Captain on the spot. Commander Arianna Frost of Internal Affairs is introduced as the new Intelligence Liaison.

Interlude Period: March-May

10 March 2389 - The Cardassian Seventh Order reportedly destroys a Species 8472 bioship which appeared within Union space near the Soukara system.

9, 17, 22, 29 April 2389 - Bio-ship warp signatures detected in the Gavarian Corridor.

21 May 2389 - A Breen armada mobilized within the Valoris Nebula (the official border between Federation and Breen space) is torn to shreds by another sudden appearance of Species 8472. They disappear without a trace. The Alrakis Pact claims the Cardassians have created an alliance with Species 8472, which the Cardassians neither confirm nor deny.

February - "Half Past Dead"

10 - Capt. Jeannette Armitage returns to MT with new reports of Clock Makers

11 - MT Field Team arrives in Abadar's Gate.

12 - Commander Mrazak authorizes detonation of New Far Florence's star, resulting in a stellar nova event that eradicates Clock Maker infestation.

13 - Field Team returns to Overwatch Station. Casualties are logged, survivors are promoted, and Mrazak is censured.

January - "Bynars Be Bygones"

01 - USS Phantom attached to Memory Theta as field team transport

05-07 - Field Team sent to Bynaus and stops the Black Nagus Virus

10 - Cmdr. Akiva ben-Avram appointed MT Administrator


Mrazak appointed Field Team Leader


The Clock Makers devastate the USS Eros


Overwatch Station goes online.


Overwatch Station construction completed.

Ferrofax installed


Vulcan Science Directorate delivers Qurban to Starfleet Command

Starfleet Command commissions new secure storage facility MEMORY THETA

Deep Storage Vault construction completed on Tartarus planetoid

Overwatch Station construction begins.

Mrazak arrives at Memory Theta