Mea Taulima (MT-9496)

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Designation: MT-9496

Mea Taulima resisting scans.

Code Name: Mea Taulima

Classification: Ancient Technological Artifact

Initial Discovery Date: Telino Calendar: Tam 6, 2272

Earth date: spring of 5623 BCE

Approximate Stardate: -24/3782

Initial Discovery Location: Telinar, Beta Quadrant

Subsequent Discoveries: N/A

Description: To the naked eye, the Mea Taulima is an obelisk about 20 centimeters high and about seven centimeters wide at its base and is made of smooth stone with no gaps, ridges, or other signs of how to open it. The stone has a high slate content, which was the most common rock found on ancient Telinar.

Lab/Field Notes: It is unclear how the Mea Taulima does what it does, but there is a theory. This theory will be explained by the Caretaker once it is opened. In-depth analysis of the Mea Taulima has yielded no fixed results as scanners are unable to make definite readings. Evidentiary conclusions support the theory that the Mea Taulima's resistance to scanning technology is a rare case of a macroscopic superposition that does not collapse upon observation as do quantum superpositions. The effects on sentient intelligence is thus unexperimented due to the heightened risk of continued observation collapsing the superposition on a macro level.

HAZARD RISK:The initial courier vessel, Danube-class runabout USS Seine, suffered the loss of all hands after improper handling of device. The total crew of four were declared dead-on-arrival as the result of an apparent suicide pact.

Mea Taulima in observable superposition.


(1.) The device was never lost after its initial discovery. It was taken from Telinar to Yegorah, where the Telino now reside, until the Federation-Telino Treaty remanded it to Memory Theta under the stewardship of a representative of the Telino throne.

(2.) By treaty, a representative of the owner [Telino throne] must be present when the device is accessed.

(3.) By treaty, access to the Mea Taulima is to be permitted only twice per standard Yegoran lunar month.

(3.) By treaty, the royal house of Telino, including its estates, vassals, subjects, and subsidiaries, shall not be held liable for any and all anomalies, phenomena, and/or cataclysms resulting from the handling, study, and/or use of the Mea Taulima.

Categories: Theta Level Threats