The Covington Foundation

Created by Captain Mrazak on Fri Jun 12th, 2020 @ 8:15pm

The Covington Foundation traces its history back to the multinational conglomerates which predated World War III. Pre-war wealthy families diverted their fortunes from devastated corporations into international non-governmental organizations that the United Earth reconstruction efforts found indispensable going into the 22nd century. At the forefront of humanitarian relief, disaster response, and academic advancement was the Covington Foundation.

Upon the chartering of the Federation, the Covington Foundation branched out from Earth to the entire quadrant. Their response to the rogue synth attack of Mars in 2385 earned them household recognition. Renowned by some as ivory tower elites and disparaged by others as white collar mercenaries, there are few who would deny the Covingtons are a force to be reckoned with in academic circles.

The Covington Foundation is the holder of so much intellectual property that its corporate logo is the former copyright symbol of past centuries.

It has been asserted that the Operations Director and heir apparent to the Foundation, Simon P. Covington, Esquire, crossed the Memory Theta field team on Venus. However, his corporate attorneys responded to the allegations with no fewer than four score sworn affidavits that Mr. Covington had been attending a VIP banquet on Izar at the time where he received the Izarian government's Humanitarian of the Year award.