Sacred Morphon (MT-6759[a])

Created by Captain Mrazak on Sat Feb 1st, 2020 @ 10:00pm

Designation: MT-6759(a)

Code Name: Sacred Morphon

Classification: Aggressive Host Defense Peptides

Initial Discovery Date: Stardate 66484.2

Initial Discovery Location: Fluidic Space (see Lab/Field Notes)

Description: MT-6759(a) is a unique eukaryotic polypeptide chain within the DNA of denizens from the transdimensional region known as Fluidic Space.

Lab/Field Notes: The first encounter with MT-6759(a) by Starfleet was on Stardate 50984.3 during the USS Voyager’s trek through the Delta Quadrant. Operations Officer Ensign Harry Kim was infected and subsequently cured by modified Borg nanoprobes. See Exhibit A from the USS Voyager mission logs.


(1) Although encountered at an earlier date, an artifact was not recovered until the initial discovery date of record above. Memory Theta’s field team pursued an investigation into claims of Cardassian collusion with the extradimensional entities known then as Species 8472 that resulted in an unsanctioned arrival in fluidic space. Upon their arrival, the field team’s Xenoscience Specialist made contact with sentient representatives of the race who explained the nature of their existence as advanced immunoresponses for a macroorganism they named the Sacred Morphon. Fluidic space was revealed to exist within this astronomically large organism’s biological form, with Species 8472 naming themselves the Groundskeepers and protectors of the same. Whether this explanation is representative of a holobiont relationship or truly reflects the reality of a sentient immune system within a cosmic-scaled being remains unknown. Further study is impossible due to the brokered agreement that further incursions between the dimensions will be viewed as acts of war.

(2) During the dimensional crisis, a member of the field team, Lieutenant Commander Garai Fenia, came into contact with Groundskeeper/8472 biological cell protein. The subsequent infection spread very quickly and began to consume her body faster than in the case of ENS Kim. It is theorized that the presence within fluidic space (within the Sacred Morphon itself if native testimony is to be credited) exacerbated the condition.

(3) Upon the demise of LTCDR Garai, her remains were collected by the field team commander and had to be bombarded with baryon radiation in order to neutralize the postmortem spread of the infection.

Categories: Theta Level Threats