The Secret Inquisition

Created by Captain Mrazak on Tue Jan 28th, 2020 @ 6:03pm

Full: Pegh qaw’ghach luH’wI’ joq’obe` (Phay kraw-gark lux-wai jo-kuh-ob-uh)

Short: Pegh’obe (phay - ob’ - Ə)

Literal: Secret Order of the Rememberers and Interrogators

Dynamic: The Secret Inquisition

Nominal Noun: Krawgark/Guardian; Un'phen/Inquisitor

Base of Operations: Caves of Boreth

The Secret Inquisition is a Klingon brotherhood of monks and clerics ostensibly tasked by Kahless himself to root out threats to the Klingon race, namely the return of the old gods or other powerful rivals. Political assassination is rare but not unheard of. Most commonly they conduct industrial sabotage and/or retrieval of technology they deem too dangerous to exist and guard it within their underground caves deep within Boreth. Since the Secret Inquisition predates the Klingon Empire, its guardians operate above and beyond the KDF’s command structure. Their operations outside the Empire are disavowed while their operations inside the Empire are only whispered. There are no Imperial records of their activities, whether out of honor or out of fear. While Starfleet Intelligence has a short list of suspected operations inside Federation space, all of those events were officially credited to piracy, which considering the unsanctioned nature of the Secret Inquisition is not technically untrue.


Krawgark/Qagach/Guardian: Clerics tasked with espionage, assassination, or technology retrieval.

Un'phen/Yu'pIn/Inquisitor: High cleric who oversees subordinate guardian monks with individual quests.

Ula'kruv/Yu-la-quv/Grand Inquisitor: Grandmaster of the Order who oversees the quests of the subordinate inquisitors.