Quantum Entanglement

Created by Captain Mrazak on Sun Nov 24th, 2019 @ 6:58pm

Quantum Entanglement Communications Transceiver

The Research & Development division of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers has been experimenting with quantum entanglement in future communications system for some years. The underlying principle is that paired subatomic particles will react as part of the same system even across great distances, which allows for true instantaneous communication without regard for subspace interference.

Even though the QE communications transceiver is immune to most forms of signal jamming, it remains inefficient for fleet use because the means of communication cannot be filtered between multiple pairings. Consequently, every transmission would be an All Points Bulletin for every paired transceiver without regard for normal parameters of space-time.

Quantum Entanglement Medical Interface

Another highly experimental system derived from the QE comms technology is the QEMI--a Quantum Entanglement Medical Interface. Utilizing the same holographic matrix as the standard Emergency Medical Hologram program, the QEMI projects the avatar of a living doctor through the quantum entanglement, allowing for real time medical care over vast distances. Consequently, the QEMI replaces the need for an EMH protocol since it functions as the virtual hologram of a remote medical professional as opposed to merely a computer program.

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