MARS System

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Multi-adaptive shielding was a deflector shield stealth technology developed by Erin and Magnus Hansen in 2353, for use in keeping their vessel, the USS Raven, virtually invisible to Borg sensors during their field study of the Collective.

After tracking a Borg cube at close range for nearly three years, the Hansens encountered a subspace particle storm which caused their shielding to go offline for 13.2 seconds, during which time the Borg were able to detect them. Considering the Raven a threat, they pursued the ship and ultimately assimilated the Hansens.

In 2375, the crew of the USS Voyager incorporated multi-adaptive shielding into the systems of the Delta Flyer, to facilitate a rescue mission for the Hansens' daughter, now known as Seven of Nine, who was being held captive by the Borg Queen in the Unicomplex. Although the shielding was initially successful in concealing the Flyer's presence, the Queen, who was able to use the Collective's knowledge of the technology due to the assimilation of the Hansens' research, was able to adapt and penetrate the shielding.

By adding a refractive modulation to the multi-adaptive shielding, the MARS System can effective hide a small to medium class starship while at full stop.

MARS was first tested by the USS Ulysses in 2388 and the USS Nogura in early 2389. Utilizing a randomized wave dispersal pattern in the standard multi-adaptive deflector array, MARS is capable of jamming long-range sensors while at full power. It is most effective in the lower operational spectrum, however, as that is when the refractive deflector screen can successfully divert sensor scans from registering. It is, therefore, advised not to use the MARS system at warp speed except when possible detection is not a concern.

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