God Machine (MT-9939)

Created by Captain Mrazak on Tue Mar 12th, 2019 @ 11:08pm

Designation: MT-9939

Code Name: God Machine

Classification: Technological Prototype (Repurposed Ancient Derivative)

Initial Discovery Date: 7 June 2387

Initial Discovery Location: Veloz Prime

Subsequent Discoveries: N/A

Description: Artifact is derived from ancient Vulcan psionic amplifier designated “Vorl-tak,” or World-Weapon (see attached V’tosh Ka’tur dossier) as a power source. The archived item is a cylindrical chamber of complex design, containing polyalloys of unknown mineral composition, and stands with an approximate height of 4 meters and 8 meters in circumference. There is a lone neural interface that is believed to facilitate a psionic link with the greater device. Lining the layers of the chamber are hyperbaric regulators. On top of the chamber is a hyperbaric regulator that modulates the internal atmosphere for an unknown specification. Beneath the main chamber is a gravitronic governor that connects to the Vorl-tak rooted in the host planet’s core.

Lab/Field Notes: Rather than a weapon of planetary destruction or sublight engine as per attached V’tosh Ka’tur dossier, the modified Vulcan psionic amplifier recovered on Veloz Prime appears designed to leverage the gravitational field of its host planet to invert the local quantum vortex from a residual probability distribution into an infinite one. Intelligence retrieved on site suggests the intended effect was to uplift the chamber’s occupant into a higher state of being—perhaps beyond space-time itself. Specifics are provided in addenda.


(1) The chief architect of MT-9939 was identified as a V’tosh Ka’tur Starfleet defector named Saalkan Za’ul Kaiyen. Through a vast array of personal contacts ranging from the Vulcan Science Academy to the Gamma Quadrant Consortium, Saalkan recovered numerous Vulcan artifacts. A tenured expert on archaeology, astronomy, quantum physics, mechanical engineering, and astrophysics, Saalkan entered Starfleet as a Lieutenant in order to pursue the components to his device that were spread across the galaxy.

(2) In his Academy dissertation, “The Path to Sha Ka Ree,” Saalkan presented mathematical equations that posited an alternative view to space-time as the quantum dispersal of a single event in a perpetual feedback loop. Using a reverse quantum entanglement through inverting its baseline quantum vortex, an individual body could be everywhere and everywhen through resolving its fifth-dimensional parallax to the zero-point origin of the space-time continuum. Saalkan’s conclusion correlated Vulcan Sha Ka Ree with the event that the 20th-century Terran astrophysicist Georges Lemaître first called the Big Bang. Skeptics criticized the theory as regressive and illogical.

(3) On 3 June 2387, the USS Vindex suffered a catastrophic mutiny led by Lieutenant Saalkan, who had acquired the final component for MT-9939 and required immediate passage to the abandoned world of Veloz Prime. In a derelict facility long forsaken by Cardassians and Macquis alike, Saalkan completed the Vorl-Tak and engaged its activation sequence. Through a last-ditch effort by the surviving crew of the Vindex, Saalkan’s lab was overcome and the Vorl-Tak generator was destroyed.

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