Synchrony (MT-8756)

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Designation: MT-8756

Code Name: The Synchrony

Classification: Gestalt holobiont

Initial Discovery Date: January 14, 2381

Initial Discovery Location: A dwarf planet orbiting Lambda Coronae Borealis at 20.2 AU. by the USS Proxima, subsequently lost with all hands to the Synchrony infestation. Data logs recovered by Theta Field team, after which the Proxima was destroyed.

Subsequent Discoveries: Further study done by the USS Erasumus in early 2382 until several dozen fatalities were recorded, and the unnamed planet was put under quarantine.


The Wax: A pale green layer covering all available surfaces of an infected area. In dark areas, the wax seems to glow with a soft green light. It has a fairly durable top layer that can withstand approximately 90kgs per square half-meter. Any greater pressure cracks through the outer crust into a soft semi-liquid state underneath. The semi-liquid state has acidic properties that have been able to digest any natural material it has been tested with. The wax cures within 10 seconds when exposed to standard atmosphere, but the hardened layer cannot be thicker than 2.142 centimeters, as any wax more than 2.142 centimeters turns into the semi-liquid state the Arachnid can produce.

Keeper/Arachnids: The arachnids are the same pale green colour that the wax is. They seem to be comprised of the material, though are covered in tufts of what look like hair. Their height varies from 40 to 70 centimeters. They have four mandibles and eight legs. They can produce the wax from their mouth, spitting the semi-liquid state of it on any damaged section of the wax, as well as anything that has damaged it, with a range of 3 meters. The Arachnids are generally non-aggressive, only engaging when trapped and unable to escape. They function seemingly autonomous unless given psionic instructions by the Queen. They can move on almost any solid surface.

Any intelligent lifeforms that have been covered in the wax the Arachnid produces has one of two fates. In times of relative peace, the lifeform will be numbed and digested by the wax. In times of danger, the wax will seep into them, replacing their brain(s) with a facsimile created out of the wax. This turns the lifeform into a Warform, also called an Infected.

Warform/Infected: A lifeform that is transformed into an Infected is not an autonomous being, but is controlled by a psionic link to their Queen. They maintain the physical strength and and characteristics of their original form, but their eyes glow in a similar green hue as observed from the wax when in darkness. They lose all ability to speak, and tests have shown that they do not have any true cognitive power about what the psionic link directs them to do.

Queen: The Queen is the most advanced of the lifeforms that were infected. Their brains are similarly replaced by a wax facsimile, but they obtain all knowledge and intelligence transferred into it by the previous Queen. The lifeform then has their body further changed by the wax, growing several antennae to aid in the broadcasting of their psionic commands.

Lab/Field Notes:

Lieutenant Edzel Sebastian, 15 January, 2381:

Initial sensor scans described the planet as having a breathable atmosphere, consisting of roughly eighty percent nitrogen, nineteen percent oxygen, and just under two percent helium. The whole planet is covered in a pale green, waxy layer. When we beamed down to the planet our Nausicaan security officer Grag’h broke through the layer into a more gelatinous layer underneath. The breaking attracted several large arachnid-like creatures, heights ranging from halfway up my calf to my knee. They approached without any sense of fear and made straight for Grag’h. As soon as they came close enough they projected a substance similarly to the waxy layer we stood on, trying to cover Grag’h. We were able to fend them off with high level blasts of our phasers, creating a large enough perimeter to beam out.

Appended: Complete field report, tricorder logs.

Lieutenant Edzel Sebastian, 15 January, 2381. addendum 1:

Scans from Crewman Grag’h in sickbay revealed that the layer of wax that covered his leg contained a a numbing agent. Grag’h lost feeling in his entire leg, going up to his groin. After removing the wax his upper dermis showed signs of digestion, while no sign of acidic compounds were discovered in the material.

Appended: Deep-level analysis of chemical composition of the wax. Medical report of Crewman second class Grag’h.

Lieutenant Edzel Sebastian, 15 January, 2381.

Addendum 2:

After running several high-intensity scans, we have been unable to detect the lifeforms that attacked us on the planet. They show no heat signatures and we also see no change to the atmospheric composition in the area we occupied, outside of the changes we caused by our presence.

Appended: Planetary survey.

Lieutenant Edzel Sebastian, 16 January 2381:

Captain Rixus has authorized a second landing party, but this time in hazmat equipment. He has also assigned a more light-footed security detail to hopefully avoid a second encounter. Several scans of the material have shown this wax-like material is biologic in nature, and not the planetary shell. We broke the layer purposefully to collect samples, and within several seconds of breaking the same arachnid-like creatures came from large hills to investigate and restore the layer. They showed no interest in us at all. I suspect that they only show interest when creatures are caught inside the break, like with crewman Grag’h.

Appended: Chemical breakdown of the planet-side wax, various tricorder scans of the arachnid-like creature.

Lieutenant Edzel Sebastian, 16 January 2381, addendum 1:

An emergency distress call has pulled us away from the Lambda Coronae Borealis system. I convinced Captain Rixus to deploy a large sensor probe to study a study a section of the surface and to hopefully learn more about these keepers of the wax.

Captain Archibald Rixus, 19 January 2381:

To those who might read it, I am sorry. My ship has been taken over by a species that calls itself the Synchrony. I have lost all but three of my crew to the creatures, and only because we were able to barricade ourselves in the armoury. But our ammunition has run dry, and their next wave is expected any time now. If you do find this final log, do not break their wax layer with bare skin. It infected my crewmember, who infected everyone else. It is all logged by my science staff. May the Four Deities save the spirits of those taken.

Appended: A personal letter to Melanie Rixus, Captain Rixus’ wife.

Lieutenant Commander S’kol, 21 March, 2382:

We have recovered the entire log from the USS Proxima, and have scuttled the ship through the use of several quantum torpedoes to her warp core. The field team reported a complete coverage of wax inside the ship. When they broke the layer several large humanoids approached at high speeds. The Marines assigned to the field team engaged defensive measures. Their use of lethal force prompted an attack by a larger number. Behind the second wave of attackers, one of the field team reported there was a different variation of the infestation. It did not look built for combat, being more lithe and less armoured. Some of our scientists have postulated this might be a scout or a queen.

Appended: Several tricorder scans of the Proxima, all logs of the Proxima, a sensor recording of the destruction of the Proxima.

Lieutenant Commander S’kol, 24 March, 2382:

The Marines involved with the field operation to the USS Proxima have started mutating along similar lines to the creatures we saw on the Proxima. We suspect that their infection must have occurred fighting off the Proxima aggressors. After initial quarantine Doctor Metoku reports she cannot help these men. I gave the order for a protective termination of both marines. Doctor Metoku objected, stating that they were still alive and conscious, but I overruled her on the basis of expedience and general crew safety. Their remains have since been atomized.

Appended: Formal letter of objection by Doctor Efram Metoku, death certificates of Specialist Colin O’Leary, Lance Corporal Alina Meras.

Lieutenant Commander S’kol, 25 March 2382:

Several teams of researchers, together with a strong contingent of Marines have been deployed to the as-of-yet unnamed planet in the Lambda Coronae Borealis system. Their primary focus is on collecting several of the arachnid-like creatures protecting the wax crust, as well as evaluating their method of infection.

Appended: Full research report, various specific initial reports of specialists.

Lieutenant Efram Metoku, 27 March 2382:

Lieutenant Zol has been exposed to the wax crust, tearing his hazmat suit. We were able to remove him from it before we attracted the arachnids. He has been quarantined on the planet for study and has so far not shown any infection, however the usually energetic lieutenant has become quiet and apathetic hours after exposure.

Appended: Medical scans of Lieutenant Zol.

Lieutenant Efram Metoku, 28 March 2382:

Somehow one of the arachnids has found its way into the quarantine location of Lieutenant Zol and has covered him head to toe in wax. It appears the lieutenant did not struggle. The arachnid was then found moving away from the covered lieutenant and subsequently destroyed by Marines. We cut out the lieutenant, but we suspect him to have been covered for several hours, as he was decomposed to an almost skeletal state by the wax.

Appended: Post-mortem of Lieutenant Zol.

Gunnery Sergeant David Spasibo, 29 March, 2382:

We destroyed over ninety bodies, all humanoid, all highly aggressive. They came in waves, from different directions as soon as we transported in. No sign of the research team or security staff.

Appended: Full after-action report by Gunnery Sergeant David Spasibo Squad leader, full after-action report by Sergeant Martina Ozmuka Fireteam leader 2, full after action report Sergeant Okur Fireteam Leader 3.

Lieutenant Commander S’kol, 29 March, 2382:

After the gunnery sergeant secured our research site I lead a field team to scour the data. We collected several dozen files on this world and its creatures. After cracking another part of the web several dozen arachnids approached, together with larger and more aggressive forms. After dispatching our aggressors, one of these creatures attempted to retreat. I ordered the collection and detainment of this specimen, as it was less intimidating and more humanoid than the others. It has since been taken to the Vault on board of the Erasmus, where it is placed inside of a quick dump airlock.

Appended: Full after-action report by Gunnery Sergeant David Spasibo Squad Leader, full after-action report by Sergeant Martina Ozmuka Fireteam Leader 2, full after action report Sergeant Okur Fireteam Leader 3. Several hundred research files. Suspected list of KIA’s.

Lieutenant Commander S’kol, 3 April, 2382:

We have interrogated the Synchrony Queen. She has explained to us that the Synchrony are a parasitic species bent on unifying whatever they come across into Synchrony. It claims that the Synchrony have existed for hundreds of millennia, though we cannot find any proof to substantiate that claim. What we suspected was a natural evolution of the Synchrony turns out to be the heavily mutated form of Doctor Metoku. There were enough DNA matches to confirm the identity, but it appears nothing of Efram Metoku exists within this creature. I have since ordered its termination, and to have the body dissected and studied, but to not have any skin to skin contact with the body.

It is my recommendation to enact General Order 24, and to sterilize this world.

Appended: Full interrogation report with the creature, autopsy report of Efram Metoku, various medical and scientific reports on the remains of Efram Metoku, letter of recommendation to enact General Order 24.

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