Ambrosiavirus (MT-1214)

Created by Captain Mrazak on Wed May 23rd, 2018 @ 3:58pm

Designation: MT-1214

Code Name: Ambrosiavirus

Classification: Aggressive Viral Bio-Agent

Initial Discovery Date: Stardate 426112.49

Initial Discovery Location: Pollux IV

Subsequent Discoveries: Stardates 426846.9, 426958.5, 472218.25

Description: MT-1214 consists of highly aggressive and severely contagious virion plasmids which result in retroviral oncogene transmission. Host cell DNA is transformed by genetic markers of fauna native to Pollux IV, resulting in systemic metamorphic mutation.

Lab/Field Notes: Advanced stages of viral infection have resulted in a 100% mortality rate through a metabolic failure to sustain cellular metamorphosis. Computer models predict the final stage to be a large humanoid with metaphasic phenotypes. All research with MT-1214 requires full-body protective equipment, as the virus is transmittable through air and skin contact.

Method of Eradication: High levels of gamma radiation render the virus inert. MT-1214 has demonstrated the ability for seemingly indefinite suspended animation. The only containment from which the virus has not broken is the K-class star Pollux (aka Beta Geminorum).


1: The initial outbreak was recorded when colonists first came to Pollux IV after the Enterprise's discovery in 2267. Work crews attempting to rebuild the Temple of Apollo on Stardate 426846.9 complained of fatigue before soon entering into comas. Within a week, the comas resulted in the death of all but one. The lone survivor began suffering from delusions of grandeur and schizophrenia before suffering catastrophic brain aneurysm and cardiac arrest. When autolysis never began—in fact the dead patients' cells seemed in perfect condition—medical experts at the Pollux IV Research Hospital began seeking the reason for no cellular decay. It was determined that their cells had experienced retroviral transformation which prevented autolysis.

2: On Stardate 426958.5, a member of the Research Hospital's medical team suffered airborne exposure while transporting the corpses of the work crew to the morgue for cremation. Within a month, the entire Pollux IV colony faced quarantine that has been since stricken from the record. All infected personnel were beamed aboard the mercy ship USS Nightingale, whose crew was also compromised. Acting against orders, the Nightingale's chief engineer caused a warp core breach to contain the outbreak. All souls were lost, including the patients beamed from the surface.

3: No other cases were discovered until Stardate 472218.25 when a freighter vessel, the SS Akakor, passed through the debris field of Pollux IV on a routine delivery. It is believed that the vessel lowered its shields to conduct illegal salvage, despite the ship's log lacking any record. When the Akakor reached the landing platform, the starport's sensor suites flagged MT-1214's genetic markers aboard the vessel, issuing a Theta alert. The Akakor attempted to flee the system, but was disabled by the patrolling USS Malta. The crew of the Akakor refused to surrender to authorities, and in fact threatened the destruction of the Malta. On orders from Starfleet Command to quarantine the vessel at all costs, Captain Forel of the Malta allowed the disabled freighter to remain on a collision course with Beta Geminorum, the system's primary star. No charges were filed. Anti-salvage restrictions around Pollux IV have been rigorously enforced from that date.

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