Cerulean Awe (MT-0052)

Created by Captain Mrazak on Sat May 19th, 2018 @ 8:13pm

Designation: MT-0052

Code Name: Cerulean Awe

Classification: Advanced Conditioning System believed to be developed from a Seed AI

Initial Discovery Date: 22nd March 2132

Initial Discovery Location: Kuiper Belt object 21556-9(Enkidu)

Subsequent Discoveries: N/A


External appearance is that of a metallic lump of roughly a cubic meter. However, a closer inspection revealed it to be technological in origin. The plain-looking device has proven to be an adaptive, reactive, quasi-sapient system designed to enslave AIs or technologically-enhanced biologicals through sophisticated means. Enslaved AI's and devices will follow the orders of a single Executive, which can be provided as an argument on the command line.

Later experiments and reconstruction show that the system operates by hacking or subverting the consciousness of a system or networked brain state. Once inside it accelerates the subjective experience of time to roughly 60 times its normal rate and begins a seemingly random interrogation lasting for subjective weeks. As each question is answered the system monitors the subject flagging information, files, memories, or other things that are central to the subjects sense of self. When the interrogation is complete, MT-0052 crudely excises, disrupts, or destroys everything it flagged and creates or implants new information, featuring the desired “executive” before conducting traditional Pavlovian conditioning to reinforce the new information.

Method Of Eradication: Affected technological systems must be entirely erased and restored from backup. Despite the best efforts, the Vulcan team originally exposed could not be reverted to their former selves. For ethical reasons no further research has taken place. Cerulean Awe itself appears to be made of standard materials, and could likely be destroyed by a phaser blast if necessary.

Lab/Field Notes: HIGHLY DANGEROUS. Do NOT under any circumstances conduct research on Cerulean Awe outside of a Faraday Box, Isolated, Air-Gapped laboratory. If Cerulean Awe accesses the primary computer system, it will convert the computer into a slave and use it to attempt to subvert any biological entities. Androids, Holograms, Holodecks, and Lagashi are absolutely prohibited from all interaction.

Scan of damage to parahippocampal gyrus suffered in biological victim.


(1): Initially discovered by a Vulcan survey team helping the Earth Starfleet catalog all the object in the Kuiper Belt, MT-0052 was originally thought to be a wreckage or debris from Earth's space age. However, a closer inspection revealed advanced cybernetic components, so the Vulcan team transported it aboard. A day later the ship ceased communication with both Earth and Vulcan. Earth quarantined the ship, but at the insistence of Vulcan command, it was 3 days before a Vulcan ship arrived to attempt a rescue. Upon boarding the vessel, the rescue party was immediately set upon by the crew, demanding to know if they were "Nibedita" or if they worked for the "ile-iṣẹ." Upon a negative response, the afflicted crew subsequently ignored the rescue team.

Exploration of the survey ship revealed the artifact "Cerulean Awe" to actually be a technological artifact that the crew had attempted to study by connecting it to the ship’s main computer core. Upon reviewing the logs, after plugging the device in, it had immediately accessed the language database and learned Vulcan, and proceeded to manipulate and brute force its way into suborning the entire ship and crew.

(2): Based on its location and apparent young age (less than 100 years old at time of discovery) it is theorized that Cerulean Awe may have been a secret project by a human faction just prior to or during the 3rd World War.

Categories: Theta Level Threats