Clock Makers (MT-4404)

Created by Captain Mrazak on Wed May 16th, 2018 @ 3:16pm

Designation: MT-4044

Code Name: Clock Makers

Classification: Self-Replicating Femtotechnology

Initial Discovery Date: 5th June 2387

Initial Discovery Location: Outer Edge Of The Perseus Arm, Alpha Quadrant

Subsequent Discoveries: Messier-4, Project Long Jump, Stardate 722389.54.


Inert State: Black crystalline formations in a variety of configurations.

Active State: Able to assume the exact physical characteristic of inanimate objects on a surface level (Assumed to be part of a resourcing gathering tactic by hiding in plain sight), able to approximate the rough proportions of animate objects to seek out or hunt down resources.

Hyperactive State: code-named "Revenant." At this time a hypothetical animate Clock Maker spore able to mimic an animate object to a high degree of fidelity, both in appearance and in communication. Hypothesized as an Infiltrator or Infectious Agent. More data required.

Assimilation process bears a remarkable similarity to the Borg technique. But whereas Borg nanoprobes reprogram the DNA of host cells and introduce changes to better facilitate hybridisation of organic and technological components, Clock Maker spores use a more aggressive method. Instead of tailoring the host body to suit their needs, femtotech disassemblers flush through their target and rearrange matter on an atomic level. This process suggests that not only are Starfleet personnel targets of opportunity for Clock Makers, but also starships, installations, and potentially planetary bodies.

Fractured sensor logs and the patchy survivor report from Starfleet’s sole encounter with the Clock Makers indicate that they do not use projected energy weapons or personnel armour. Clock Maker spores demonstrated a tendency to adopt humanoid forms when combating Starfleet personnel. Though this is thought to be a tactic to allow more Clock Maker material to subsume the underlying material of the ship around the targets.

Method Of Eradication: Unknown. Energy weapons seem able to destroy Clock Maker spores easily enough, though their rate of replication and infection nonetheless makes it easy to overwhelm defenders. The possibility of adaptation to a given attack, like the Borg, should not go unspoken.

Lab/Field Notes: HIGHLY DANGEROUS. Physical contact is not advised. Any personnel who have come into contact with Clock Maker artefacts are to be euthanized under Wildfire Protocol with no attempt made to recover remains. Any vessels who have experienced a breach in lab containment should undergo immediate silent self destruct.

Addenda: MT-4044 is assumed to be of extragalactic origin. It is unknown at this time if they constitute an invasive species expanding into the Milky Way, or a weapon set loose within our galaxy by an entity or faction beyond the Galactic Barrier. (See attached proposal by Starfleet Special Projects titled ‘Project Long Jump’ in regards to efforts to shed light on the Unknown Entity Question.)

Postscript:: The USS Traveller's mission logs detail the loss of Crewman Barnes in the extragalactic Messier 4 globular cluster on Stardate 722389.54. A Clock Maker Revenant was encountered on the New Far Florence colony by the Memory Theta Field Team on the follow stardate who bore not only a physical likeness to Crewman Barnes but a cognitive one as well. Field Team Leader Mrazak acquired a sample of Revenant Barnes after it collapsed into shards.

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