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Gregorio Emanuel de Castillo-Bartres

Name Gregorio Evangelina Guadelupe Emanuel de Castillo-Bartres

Position Diplomatic Attaché

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 47

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0
Weight 195 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Just starting to age, gracefully. The faintest amount of grey is making its way into his hair and beard, the lines around his eyes and mouth don't quite disappear anymore when he stops laughing or smiling, and a waist that is starting to go soft from a metabolism that isn't quite keeping up as well as it used to. Mr. Emanuel de Castillo-Bartres still takes care of himself and, when in public, his appearance is very much an intentional show, designed to evoke specific perceptions.


Spouse Divorced, and don't ask about it
Children None
Father Emilio Santa Maria de Castillo Bartres
Mother Dominga Salvadore Estrada Emanuel
Brother(s) Esteban Ana Maria Vicente, 44
Sister(s) Eva Franco Emmeline, 40
Angelina Santiage, 41 (in law)
Other Family Katarina Ivonova Veselovskaya - 49 - Former Sister-in-Law
A nephew
Several uncles, aunts, cousins

Personality & Traits

General Overview Gregorio, or Goyo to anyone on reasonably friendly terms is a shrewd foreign service officer. He specializes as a political officer leaving him well versed in politics, governing structures, and negotiation both public and private and is capable of compartmentalizing to a high degree to achieve results. As a career civil servant, he views himself and his colleagues as the ones doing the real heavy lifting before the political appointees swoop in for the public signings and photo-ops. He is generally described as being somewhat stubborn: willing to negotiate, but with a very clear line in the sand and generally practices the principle that proper procedure produces premium products. He is well devoted to his job, and has a solid grasp of his own abilities and limitations: notably with lying. He can dissimulate and omit, but is very bad at stating outright untruths and will not do so if any other avenue is available.

Since becoming aware of the existence of Memory Theta, he has a very dim view of its operations, command staff, and Starfleet's seeming inability to hold its officers liable for the mess they create for officials like himself to clean up. He is rather resentful at being pulled from what he feels would be his normal career trajectory to babysit a military operation.
Strengths & Weaknesses High Intelligence
Good communicator

Bad at deception
Devoted to procedural propriety
Ambitions Take Mrazak down so he can get out of Babylon the Great
Become a Chief of Mission