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Warrant Officer Laena ben-Avram

Name Laena ben-Avram

Position Chief of Astrometrics

Rank Warrant Officer

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Orion/Human Hybrid
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4"
Weight 110 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Laena is a small, slender woman with bright piercing brown eyes that have been said to resemble her mother's. Her minty green skin tone is indicative of her Orion heritage as is her raven black hair. Laena likes to keep fit by running, but she has never been a fan of lifting weights.


Spouse Akiva ben-Avram
Father Sendelin was a poor excuse for a father. He was a farmer on a desolate colony. When the climate changed, and farming died, Sendelin began to fall into great debt. Finally, to pay off his debt and start anew, he sold his daughter into the Orion Slave Trade when she was 12 years old.
Mother Lorena Cavitts died while giving birth to Laena. Not much is known about Lorena, other than she was Human and Laena has her eyes.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Laena has a tendency to be a quiet person, especially when it comes to things she doesn't know much about. She would rather keep her opinion to herself rather than speak out and be made a fool. Laena can be described as genuine and pleasant to be around. It's also noted that Laena has a very cautious nature when it comes to non-professional relationships and tends to be very untrusting. She also doesn't like to be touched and has frequent nightmares.
Ambitions Her biggest ambition currently is to graduate from Starfleet Academy with her degree in Stellar Cartography, a task she began undertaking almost a year ago. Upon graduation, she hopes to be accepted into a prestigious university for her graduate degree in Astro Physics.
Hobbies & Interests Most of Laena's time is taken up by either working or studying for her classes at the Academy. When not doing either of these, she enjoys running and mystery holo-novels.

Personal History Laena was born on September 11th, 2363 to Sendelin and Lorena Cavitts who died a few hours after giving birth to her only child. Growing up was not an easy thing for a young lady without a mother. Laena and Sendelin lived on a small colony called Keyamma where her father had a farm that was barely scraping by. The young Orion girl spent many nights lying in her father's fields staring up at the stars, wondering what was out there and hoping one day she would find out.

Not long after Laena turned 12, her father's farm failed due to the colony's changing climate. Her father, in debt with no way out, used his daughter as payment to begin anew, selling her into the Orion Slave Trade. Laena, unwilling and scared was taken from the Keyamma colony and never saw her father again.

The next five years were a dark and sad time for the young girl. The only way she made it through was her ambition to some day leave the situation she was in. Not long after she turned 17, Laena found the opportunity she had been hoping and waiting for. She was able to escape the Orion Syndicate and found refuge in the Federation.

After stowing away on multiple transport vessels, Laena finally made her way to Earth where she decided the safest place to be would be Starfleet. But when she tried to enroll in Starfleet Academy, her lack of secondary education proved to be an issue and she wasn't able to be admitted. An alternative that was presented to her was to enlist in Starfleet's Enlisted Corps while she took classes to finish her adolescent education and then she could attend the Academy at that time. Laena agreed to this as it still allowed her to be part of Starfleet and away from those that would try to hurt her.

Laena enlisted in the field of Science and left for Basic Training very quickly. Starfleet's training for Science personnel wasn't easy, but it wasn't as physically intensive as others. Laena spent a lot of time running, which she found enjoyable, especially when able to be out in the fresh air. After she graduated from training, she was transferred to Deep Space 10 where she spent the next few years working in their Stellar Cartography department and taking classes.

Finally, in the year 2385, Laena finished with her secondary education and was finally admitted to Starfleet Academy. That fall, she began to take Academy classes online to pursue her degree in Stellar Cartography.

A year later, Laena was approached with a new opportunity. The USS Vindex had an opening in their Stellar Cartography department and this would be a great opportunity for Laena to get some real-life experience. without a second thought, she jumped at the opportunity. While aboard the Vindex, Laena began to see the Executive Officer in a romantic way. Their relationship can be summed up with a single word: complicated. Both of them have riddled pasts and baggage that they need to work through. But over time, the two have come to truly care for each other and rely on each other in an important way.

In late 2388, Laena found out that she was pregnant. This came as a major shock to both her and Akiva, as they weren’t trying to have a baby. But after some time for the shock to wear off, both saw this as a good opportunity and were excited for the child’s arrival.
Service Record === 2380 ===
Starfleet Basic Training
Science Field

=== 2380 - 2386 ===
Deep Space 10
Science Assistant
Crewman - Petty Officer 2nd Class

=== 2386 - 2388 ===
USS Vindex
Stellar Cartographer
Petty Officer 1st Class

=== 2388 - PRESENT ===
Memory Theta
Chief of Astrometrics
Staff Warrant Officer