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Maximilian Dedeker

Name Maximilian Julius Dedeker

Position Proprietor

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 45

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1
Weight 215 lbs
Hair Color Sandy Blonde with Salt & Peppered beard
Eye Color Dark Blue
Physical Description Tall, stocky, and unkempt. His keen eyes are always measuring.


Father Franklin Dedeker (deceased)
Mother Jessica Dedeker (deceased)
Brother(s) Ryland Augustus Dedeker
Sister(s) Penelope Dedeker-Delahunt
Other Family Richard Delahunt (brother-in-law), Federation diplomat

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ruthless and cunning, Max has simmered down as he's approached his middle years. He layers a veneer of mocking scorn atop most dealings, but the humor is seldom genuine.

Personal History Maximilian is the firstborn son of Franklin Dedeker, the scion of a legacy boomer operation. Raised on the fly with every adolescent milestone occurring in a different port, Max was rather an antisocial adolescent. Not long after he came of age and was made Franklin's first officer, the family freight SS Prevalence ran afoul of pirates.

Like his middle sister Penelope and younger brother Ryland, Max became an orphan. Whereas the other two were picked up by Federation social services, ultimately ending up in Starfleet, Max took an entirely different path.

Originally he signed on with an Orion frigate in hopes to avenge his parents, eventually advancing to the middling rank of Lisk in the Syndicate. That particular Orion captain perished when he attacked the wrong Ferengi Marauder. Left aimless in life, Max joined a remote cell of the Bajoran Militia at Prophet's Landing.

His time as a militia fighter was short-lived, as well, as his unit was devastated by a Jem'Hadar patrol. As the only Human in the unit, he was captured and sent back to the Sekhem penal colony in the furthest regions of the Gamma Quadrant. It was there that he met his longtime friend and ally, Utukku, with whom he would go on to become one of the most notorious pirates known to the Quadrant.

In 2380, he met the Ranjen, a defrocked Bajoran cleric who attempted to strike a claim in the Gamma Quadrant underground. With his stolen Jem'Hadar vessel too hot for safe operations anymore, Maximilian gutted its technology, traded it to the Ranjen for the Antares-class carrier that was used to settle colonists on New Bajor, and installed the Jem'Hadar technology on it. Naming it the Pendragon II, Max felt he taught the Ranjen a necessary lesson in organized crime.

After nearly a swashbuckling decade of near-deaths and squandered fortunes that made him one of the most wanted criminals in the Gamma Quadrant, Max came upon the Limbo system. Within he unlocked the mysteries of the Archons, those predatory solanogen-based cosmozoans who hunted warp signatures in the Stygian Traverse.

By 2385, Fiddler's Green had expanded from a private hideout to a free port for all smugglers, pirates, and outlaws who could received sanctuary and luxury at a premium price.

Maximilian keeps his secrets close to his chest, not least of which the means of influencing the Archons to enforce his non-aggression policy and membership dues to Fiddler's Green.
Service Record 2355-2364
SS Prevalence - Able Crewman

SS Prevalence - Captain's Mate

OSS Arrun'aldus Lisk (Orion Syndicate)

Prophet's Landing - Freedom Fighter (Bajoran Militia)

Sekhem Labor Camp, Eridu Belt - Dominion Slave

Stole Jem'Hadar battle-cruiser, renamed the Pendragon, began smuggling and piracy between Dominion and Federation territory.

Traded out the Jem'Hadar battle-cruiser for an antiquated Antares-class carrier refit with Jem'Hadard technology. Renamed Pendragon II.

Maximilian conducted a series of raids on several Federation shipyards to steal enough materials to build a Spacedock. This campaign effectively made him unable to return to the Alpha Quadrant.

Founded Fiddler's Green with automated spacedock in orbit.

Retired from active piracy. Runs network of piracy, smuggling, and brokering from his personal slice of heaven.