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Lieutenant Commander Finley Chu

Name Finley ‘Fin' Deborra Chu

Position Starfleet Intelligence Liaison

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 163CM
Weight 56KG
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Slender, toned, fit. Fin looks to be in great shape, but she'll be the first to admit that she cheats on her diet on a daily basis. She keeps her hair braided or in a bun most of the time, only allowing it down when she sleeps or wants to hide behind it. Her most striking feature are her strong cheekbones, something Fin feels very proud of.
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Father Jacob Chu
Mother Alexandra Chu-Omar

Personality & Traits

General Overview Fin is a fairly easy person to work with and get along. She’s open about most facets of her life, enjoys talking with most people around her. In essence, she’s a very well-rounded social person. Of course this is mostly a cover for a woman with a scarred soul and the desire for a normal life knowing she can’t have it.

The tension of her job keeps her going. She’s basically an adrenaline junky that loves the excitement of her work, the solving of puzzles, the manipulating of people, and getting out alive.

This has forced her to create a code for herself. There is a difference between the people she works with, and those she works on. With the people she works with she tries her best to be as honest as operational security would allow her. And in return, she trusts her team to do the same, which makes her a bit gullible early on in her relationships.

Romantically, Fin is an idiot. She has had boyfriends and girlfriends, but always through their initiative. Every person she has pursued on her own seemed to be a mistake and failed before it started, or was an Intelligence target and there was nothing real. These days, she is an active waiter, flirting regularly but not actively pursuing anyone anymore.
Ambitions These days Fin's ambitions are really focused on her personal life. Career-wise she’s content to just ride out the adventure and see whatever the world throws at her.

On a personal level, she’d like to find a partner, build her own house, and perhaps have a child.

More casually, she’d like to improve her writing abilities, learn to dive, and finish reading her collected work of Shakespeare in paper format.
Hobbies & Interests Fin has always been an avid swimmer, from early childhood. She enjoys competing in amateur swim competitions, as well as snorkelling. She has been slowly learning to dive between operations, using Holodeck instructors.

She is also an amateur novelist, self-publishing several spy thrillers, of which one has reached some minor critical acclaim, mostly due to their technical accuracy. She strives to improve and reach a larger audience.

Ever since her first posting, Fin has taken up several martial arts. This has become her favourite exercise, next to aquatic sports. She had achieved various degrees of black belt in Jeet Kune Do, Tae Kwan Do, and Systema. She has also taken up marksmanship, but this is mostly for professional purposes.

Personal History Fin was born in the city of Boulder, in the United States. Her childhood was marked by a stay at home father, and a working mother. Her father was an engineer, and a self-proclaimed inventor. This passion was shared with Fin, taking her to his workshop since she was a baby, he would talk to her about the issues he would run into with his equipment. As she grew older, she adored her father, and the time they spent together. She quickly picked up the tools of the trait, helping her father build various contraptions, inventions, and the maintenance to the house.

Her educational record was not impressive. Fin was by no means a bad student, but nothing quite outstanding, overall a solid B student. She knew she wanted to work in a technological field, but her grades, mixed with the lack of financial support from her family, meant she couldn’t pursue a higher education.

To scratch her technical itch, Fin chose to enlist. Her plan was to do her five years, and go to college on the Federation’s dime.

Fin’s naval career started at a place most of the inner core enlisted sailors start, at the Kyoto Naval Base on Earth. The military lifestyle connected with her in a way she had not yet experienced. Her initial school time was a fairly informal world, the rigour of Boot Camp gave her a perspective on life she had yet to have. Things were clear, expectations were set, and she met them.

After Boot Camp, and her initial A-School, Fin was stationed on the USS North Umbria, or just the Umbria for her crew. Here she met Carlos Dantana. Carlos was strong, rough, and maybe an asshole. Fin didn’t realize that last bit until it was perhaps too late.

The two started dating six months after Fin arrived on the Umbra. Their relationship soon turned physical, as two young lovers are prone to. At first the rough was fun to Fin, but rough turned to rougher. And three months in, the rough wasn’t loved, and Fin was using make-up to conceal the bruises that her uniform didn’t cover. In the year long relationship, Fin had a mysteriously broken rib, micro fractures in her wrists, several dozen contusions all over her body.

It finally ended when a friend of Fin, Marlon Dahmer, discovered the extent of the abuse. And confronted with the facts, Fin denied everything. She wasn’t abused, she would say. She loved Carlos, that the injuries she had at the moment were due to a rough holodeck simulation.

He had walked her to her quarters, worried. As the doors opened, Carlos was waiting for Fin. He was drunk, angry, and jealous that she had spent time alone with Dahmer. He attempted to out his anger on the smaller woman, by throwing the thick glass he was drinking from. Dahmer interceded, and after a protracted struggle with Carlos, finally subdued him.

Security reports were filled in, Carlos was arrested, and Fin finally received the help she needed, both medically as well as mentally. This later inspired her to take up a self defense course, and evolved into her on-going quest to learn more.

Her further time on the Umbria was, gratefully, quite uneventful. She became the go-to person for difficult energy issues, ranging from problems with transporter energy balancing, to warp core output routing. She developed a knack for unorthodox techniques to solve issues, and an out of the box thinking.

Puzzles became her addiction of sorts at the end of her tour on the Umbria. She had found the unofficial Starfleet Puzzle Repository, a place where some daring Network Techs had created an internal database of various difficult energy problems, computer issues, and other logic puzzles, in an effort to keep the mind sharp.

After her time on the Umbria came to an end, the Galaxy-Class USS T’Pol became her new house. On the T’Pol, Fin was placed, for the first time, in an official leadership position. This connected well with the young woman.

The ship was large, much larger than the Norway-Class USS North Umbria. This allowed Fin to find many more puzzles, troubles, and issues to help remedy. And with her new team under her, also allowed her to foster a group of people with a similar mindset. She actively encouraged her team to review problems other teams might offer, and look for alternative solutions, not just those found in the manuals and best-practices guidelines.

The drive for more complex puzzles and challenges lead Fin to advance her training. Through the Starfleet Academy Long Distance study program, she was able to enter her Energy Network A-School, and subsequently the C-School. This, while also taking another leadership training allowed her to transfer up into the Energy Network team as one of the Team Leads.

The T’Pol was quiet on a personal level for Finley. She attempted to kindle several romantic relationships at the time, but failed spectacularly. This was also the time she discovered her up to then subconscious attraction to women. Sadly, romantically she was as much incapable with women as she was with men.

She did build up an extensive network of friends, including several officers. That was also the time she started trading favours, and arranging favours for favours. She had discovered a few people in the Operations department who could procure certain items, and arranged items for people on the ship through her contacts. This allowed her to build quite a list of favours, something she thoroughly documented, though why she wondered at the time.

Fin continued developing in her leadership roles, taking up and more varying duties, including some of her commissioned counterparts. Her most memorable time on the T’Pol was after her promotion to PO1. It was then, she met Diana Kelso. And Finley was smitten with the woman from day one.

Their romance was heavy, to say one thing. Diana came into Fin’s life as a tornado. The older woman took Fin under her wing, and taught her the joys of shipboard life could have as none had before. It was Diana who encouraged Fin to write seriously, who gave her a love for swimming and the water, who taught her to enjoy an instrument she is still terrible at to this day.

Diana was one of the great loves of Fin’s life. There was just one issue, she was also Fin’s Chief Petty Officer. They were directly in each other’s chain of command. For well over a year they were able to hide the relationship. It was only when Lieutenant Maxilan, the T’Pol’s ACEO had to rouse Fin from sleep in person after a minor emergency, that they saw Fin and Diana were romantically connected.

With the regulations clear on relationships between members in the same chain of command, Diana was the person who received the harsher punishment. She would be transferred off of the T’Pol, and a letter of reprimand would be included in her service jacket. Fin, on the other hand, was left with just a informal reprimand, that would not be recorded in her service record. This was due to Diana’s pleading her lover would not be punished.

The final six months of Fin’s time on the T’Pol were depressing for her. She would dive into her work during her shift, and show great promise and skill. Both her supervisors and her staff experienced her functioning as both a leader and an expert in her field. But during the evenings and nights, Fin felt lonely. Diana had explained it wouldn’t be possible for her to continue a relationship if they were not together. Whilst understanding it logically, the pain of a broken heart stayed with her, leading Fin to dive deeper into her work.

Lieutenant Commander Brody, the CEO of the T’Pol was the one who offered Fin help. This help would come in the form of an application to Starfleet OCS. He saw in Fin a chance to become more than her current career trajectory allowed. Fin, desperate to get off the T’Pol and away from the heart break, took the offer.

Vulcan was another look into a different culture for Fin. The heat did not agree with her at all. Mixing that with her lack of any significant connection with her cohort made the training very stressful. It was also the first time Fin came into confrontation with a senior officer, besmirching her otherwise clean record. She had struck one the drill sergeants for harassing an Andorian who was struggling in the heat. This lead to a three hour march for Fin in the blazing heat with full gear.

Her entry into Starfleet Intelligence came right after her graduation and commission. Apparently the puzzle database she had been playing with for years was part of a SFI recruitment strategy. The reason it was constructed was to test intelligence, lateral thinking, mental perseverance, and ongoing curiosity. Fin had demonstrated these traits admirably. That, coupled with her proven record for out of the box technical thinking under stress, the ability to have her team think differently about problems, her small smuggling ring, and various other interesting points lead to a Commander Donovan meeting with Fin.

At first, Fin was hesitant. She was an engineer, no spook. It didn’t match with her self-image. But Donovan explained that her engineering training and experience was one of the primary reasons they were interested in her.

After induction, intelligence training, and various other programs, Fin’s yellow collar was replaced with a grey one, and she was deployed to the border patrol vessel, the Rhode Island-class USS Iroh.

Due to the small complement of the vessel, Fin only had one fellow staf fmember, an analyst named Jacoby. This allowed her to develop herself as the head of a department, instead of another intelligence officer. She was also blessed with Jacoby, a Chief Petty Officer. The analyst had the experience of field operations mixed with the decades of knowledge operating as an analyst on various desks.

Under his tutelage, Fin learned to decipher the various reports they received from SFI Cardassia Section, corroborating ship movement they detected through the Iroh and the probes they contacted.

It was during her time on the Iroh Fin helped discover the trading network formed between a Cardassian military faction and the Anti-Federation faction named Blackbriar. It was her combing through the logs of border security sensors, and the minor modifications that allowed them to find the illicit crossings, and the weakpoint in the software that allowed it to happen.

The weakness was discovered by Fin after she concluded the weakness should be there. There was no evidence of it, and she wasn’t technically, or legally, allowed to review the crossing logs. For six weeks, she lived in a Type Nine shuttle, poking and prodding a ‘secured’ border probe. She finally gained access to the probe by physically hitting it with a large hammer she found. The frustration-relieving blow jiggeld a physical connector to flip, and gave read-only access. Through various injection methods, she overruled security and made herself a local admin. From that point on, she could access flight records, and modify them.

She discovered that there was a third admin account, network level. This account would be able to access the Cardassian-Federation border probes, when in range, and put them on an ignore-like mode that shouldn’t be possible. With information in hand, she returned to the Iroh and filed her report. This earned her a commendation, and the notice of some of the more influential people.

Her last six months on the Iroh were not of great consequence. They were spent churning through reports, preparing briefings for the captain and other senior staff, as well as starting to study diving. The last week, she did grab one of the scientists, Daniel Zuckermann, and kissed him intensely after two months of flirting. It turned out Zukermann was engaged to a Petty Officer Linda Heidelberg, and kissing Zuckermann in the middle of the lounge was a mistake.

With her debriefing and temporary station on Bolarus IX, Commander Donovan visited her once again. He was well informed of her actions, including the invaluable help she gave to the Blackbriar smuggling operation. He explained to her it was these sorts of actions that would help her develop her career. And as a reward, he got her entry into the Starfleet Engineering and Security joint Computer Forensic Training program, an A- and C-School for officers in the field to first develop, and advance their skills in this area of Forensic Science.

After her training in Computer Forensics, and a promotion to lieutenant j.g., Fin was once more deployed. This time to the USS Dazullah, a Nebula-class. Here she wasn’t in any official capacity as an Intelligence Officer, but as the Assistant Chief Engineering Officer, under the covername of Alexandra Monet. Her duties in the Intelligence Service in this regard, were to further look into the Dazullah’s involvement with Blackbriar affiliated groups.

The digging into the Dazullah’s common usage of shuttles showed that they were rubbing against the Cardassian borders at all times. The small crafts would probe the edges of the demilitarized zone, seeking responses from their Cardassian counterparts.

By employing several pieces of tracking software, as well as activity loggers on the shuttle comm-arrays showed they were pinging the border probes the same way the Blackbriar transports were, erasing their activity when they wanted to be off the record.

She now had the activity, the shuttles, and the pilots. Illegal activity was clearly afoot. But that wasn’t the main interest of the Intelligence Service. They were looking for ties to the Anti-Federation Movements currently brewing with Cardassian weaponary.

It was during one of these flights that Fin had stowed away on a shuttle. The craft was planned for a 3 day flight against the border. But the pilot, a Petty Officer Da’nang was known to Fin as an AFM sympathizer.

As soon as they were comfortably away from the Dazullah’s watchful eye, Fin triggered the killswitch she had brought with her, dropping the ship’s acceleration, sensors, comms, and weapon system, and locking them behind her personal authorization codes.

When she revealed herself, she ordered Da’nang to surrender. The problem with this was that Fin was a relatively petite human woman, while Da’nang was a hulking Efrosian. The confrontation turned physical fast, as Fin hadn’t drawn her phaser before approaching Da’nang.

While Efrosians are large, strong, and quite capable fighters, they suffer from a glaring weak spot. Their stomachs are covered with a spider-like growth of bone to protect themselves. While it was meant as a shield, a powerful kick could shatter the growth, plunging the Efrosian into severe pain without inflicting severe trauma, as the shards of bone can’t penetrate their tough guts.

Da’nang soon learned that Fin was aware of this vulnerability, and was not above employing it to gain the upper hand.

The next two and a half days were spent in interesting conversation. At first Da’nang refused to speak about anything. Half a day later, thirst lead him to ask for water. The Efrosian physiology requires a large amount of daily water intake. Fin used the water as a bargaining chip, giving the petty officer enough so he would speak, but not even to satiate.

On the third day, Fin had the answers she needed as to why the Dazullah was supporting the AFM groups like Blackbriar. There was a small conspiracy among several captains in the region, using their commands to build a sizable fortune in latinum, so that when these AFM groups would destabilize the Federation, these now wealthy men would be able to leave their ships, and live life in luxury and comfort.

Through her handler in the Intelligence department, a SCIS ship, the Ravenholm, was dispatched before Fin and Da’nang returned to the Dazullah. This allowed the command staff of the ship to be arrested. As soon as Fin docked with the ship, the Intelligence liaisons from Ravenholm escorted her and Da’nang onto the ship. A quick initial debriefing explained the situation she had found herself in, and that her cover wasn’t blown yet.
With her cover as Monet intact, Fin was being prepared for an insertion in the Earth wing of Blackbriar. Over the next three months Starfleet Intelligence brewed up a backdated cover identity for Monet, including her recorded dissentive attitude, and a dishonourable discharge from Starfleet due to the Dazullah arrests.

Three months after the Dazullah arrests, Fin arrived on Earth. Through contacts she learned of during her time on the Dazullah, she was able to get in touch with a Blackbriar footsoldier named Gibbs.

Gibbs orchestrated Fin’s abduction and consequent introduction with the cell leader going by the name of Tooms. Tooms himself was only just above a foot soldier, being in charge of four individuals bent on creating the necessary chaos that the Anti-Federation Movement would need to thrive.

She was interrogated, including being physically beaten to get further information. This doubled as her induction into the cell. It was designed to draw out all the information about Alexandre Monet they could get, using her personal secrets as leverage against a possible break with the cell.

Over the next year Fin evolved her position in the group. She had proven her use to the group through her extensive technological skills, from hacking into Federation databases, up to preparing the explosive devices they had requested. Most of these attempted terror attacks were foiled through leaked information by Fin, as well as other operatives that had infiltrated Blackbriar, and of course Federation Bureau of Investigation.

In their last attempt of 2386 the cell leader, Tooms, was killed in a stand-off with FBI agents after an attempted bombing of the Romulan Embassy to Earth. Fin took this chance to assume the leadership role in the firefight, breaking off the conflict, and retreating to safety.

The internal power struggle that followed was quickly sussed out. The second in command of the group, Davidson, attempted to take the lead as soon as they were safe. Fin objected, stating she was the reason the cell had even survived. When Davidson attempted to use physical violence to beat down Fin’s objections, the large man found out how effective that was, through a broken lower arm and a dislocated shoulder.

With her dominance clearly established, Fin reached up through Tooms’ old contacts. Her goal was to connect with Blackbriar’s more senior lieutenants. This did not work, as they did not trust her. She would have to earn that trust through proving her commitment.

Her first task to earn that trust would be the assassination of FBI deputy director M’kon. The Vulcan was the Head of Domestic Terrorism Investigations. When Fin relayed this information to her handler, she was ordered to go ahead with the mission, Starfleet Intelligence would secure the safety of deputy director M’Kon.

Before the planned day, Fin had put her plan in motion. She had gained access to the director’s house through a faked service meeting to repair a malfunctioning replicator. In the moments she was left alone, she snuck off and inserted a remote control chip into the personal transporter pad of the director.

The control chip would allow Fin to access the transporter system without any real issue, and with little chance of having it traced. She implemented a hidden subroutine that would disperse the director’s atoms to six different transporter pad, killing the man in a painless but gruesome way, as the six pads would materialize various body parts of the director.

However, there was something niggling at Fin. She didn’t trust her handler at Intelligence to actually secure the director. She hadn’t heard of any action to do so, nor seen any precautions against the cell’s usual MO, namely photon bombings. To make sure she wouldn’t have this murder on her conscious, she made preparations.

On that fateful day, the deputy director M’kon stepped onto his personal transporter, and moments later, six public transporter pads lit up, and materialized six body parts with the director’s DNA and fingerprints. However, the director had been transported to the secure transporter pad in Starfleet Intelligence, Earth Office, with Lieutenant j.g. Finley Chu’s authorization codes.

With the apparent success of the murder of deputy director M’kon, Fin earned herself a spot at the table as a lieutenant in Blackbriar. It was in her initial meeting Fin realized just how large the Blackbriar group was. There were at least eighteen lieutenants at that meeting, each in charge of their own cell.

Eventually Fin earned the trust of several lieutenants through the use and sharing of intelligence she received from within Starfleet Intelligence. This, coupled with her using her own cell as a support unit for Blackbriar allowed her to collect names and group identities. Her cell started operating similar as to how Fin had her Starfleet staff function earlier in her career, as to the go-to fixers.

At the tail end of her deep cover assignment inside Blackbriar, Fin had assisted in the destruction of the USS Djembé, the bombing of a Vulcan Science University building on Vulcan, and several smaller acts. She had requested extraction several times, fearing her own conscious would crumple under the weight of these acts, as well as feeling her identity as Finley Chu began to deteriorate as she was Alexandra Monet every day.

In March of 2388, Fin decided that if Starfleet Intelligence wouldn’t call the end of Operation Black Wing, she would force the end. This started with her forcing the arrest of her own cell by Bureau agents on March sixth, after a failed attack on the Romulan Embassy, again. This triggered alerts within Starfleet Intelligence, as Fin wasn’t arrested with them.

Her handler reached out to Fin, demanding how her cell was arrested. When Fin reminded her handler that, once again, she had set a deadline, they finally acted. Across seven core Federation worlds, Earth, Vulcan, Andoria, Tellar, Risa, Cait, and Betazed. These arrests rounded up fourteen of the eighteen leaders of Blackbriar, and included the arrest of the senior-most lieutenant, a man going by the name Orion.
After her sixteen day debriefing, Fin was transferred to the medical officers within Starfleet Intelligence. Here she underwent a second round of physical checks, but more importantly, her mental health was being examined.

The counseling sessions revealed that Fin was struggling to process the acts she was being forced to do. The stains on her soul lead Fin into a dark part. While the psychiatric help she received avoided the worst of the depression and anguish, Fin was ordered on a six month medical leave, with counseling sessions every other day to allow her to process through the issues she had.

In these six months Fin rediscovered her love for swimming, diving, and overall feeling clean in the water. For her, swimming was her escape from the horrors her undercover assignment put her in. As a second way of processing her issues, the doctor advised Fin to write it down. This lead to Fin resuming her passion of writing, turning her undercover assignment into a novel, hoping it would help her solve her problems, but also maybe one day share her experience.

After the six months leave, her new orders came in. Not an undercover assignment as she feared, but a field posting as an engineer and intelligence officer, Delphi.

Her time in Delphi was surprisingly good for Fin. The team-based structure of the group allowed her to connect with her Starfleet training and experience. Unfortunately the nature of the operation and its operatives never gave her the chance to develop any real friendships.

After sixteen months with the Delphi team Fin put in for a transfer out of the Intelligence department, and into the Engineering corps. She desired to go back into normal Starfleet service, and to try and build a life for herself. Sadly, that did not work out. Two weeks into her four weeks of leave orders came in. When she issued her letter of resignation over going to another black ops unit Fin was informed that this was not an option. Not twelve hours later two men in Starfleet Security uniforms came to 'escort' Fin onto the courier ship destined for the Memory Theta facility in the Badlands.
Service Record 2355 - Born
2360-2372 - Boulder City PS187
2372 - Starfleet - Kyoto Enlisted Boot Camp
2372 - Crewman Third Class
2373 - Crewman Second Class
2373 - Starfleet Engineering - USS North Umbria - Junior Energy Systems Specialist
2374 - Crewman First Class
2375 - Starfleet Engineering - USS North Umbria - Senior Energy Systems Specialist
2375 - Petty Officer Third Class
2376 - Starfleet Engineering - USS T’pol - Senior Energy System Specialist/Team lead
2376 - Petty Officer Second Class
2378 - Starfleet Engineering - USS T’pol - Energy Network Specialist/Team lead
2379 - Petty Officer First Class
2381 - Starfleet Officer Candidate School - Starfleet Academy Vulcan Campus
2381 - Ensign
2381 - Recruited into Starfleet Intelligence
2381 - Starfleet Intelligence - Initial and advanced intelligence training
2381 - Starfleet Intelligence - Chief Intelligence Officer - USS Iroh
2383 - Starfleet Intelligence - Initial and advanced computer forensic training
2384 - Lieutenant j.g.
2384 - Starfleet Intelligence - Embedded Operative/Assistant Chief Engineer - USS Dazullah
2385 - Starfleet Intelligence - Embedded Operative - Operation Black Wing - Earth
2388 - Six month leave of absence post Operation Black Wing
2388 - Starfleet Intelligence - Initial and advanced xeno-technological training
2388 - Lieutenant
2388 - Starfleet Intelligence - Engineering Specialist - Delphi Unit
2389 - Starfleet Intelligence - Intelligence Liason to Memory Theta