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Lieutenant Calderon Jarsdel

Name Calderon Jarsdel

Position Psychology and Psionics Specialist

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species 3/4 Human, 1/4 Betazoid, with extra Lethean
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 6"
Weight 167lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Tall, broad shoulders, muscular physique. Stands confidently with an easy lean to his presence and a serious look in his clear blue eyes. Neat beard, often frowns as if taking in everything around him is upsetting him on some deeper level. Keeps his hair short, but it has an annoying tuft at the front which refuses to entirely lie down, so on occasion he’ll shave his head down to a bare minimum.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Cooper Jarsdel - 48 - Father - law enforcement/agent handler/profiler (½ Betazoid)
Mother Penelope Otterbourne - 50 - Mother - very minor royal. Married with 6 daughters. (Human)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Six younger sisters on mother's side.
Other Family Eical Ronet - Grandfather - 78 - Betazoid. Royalty protection/bodyguard
Rema Ronet - Grandmother - 77 - Human.
Esreh Ronet - 43 - Uncle (Father’s brother) (½ Betazoid)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Cal keeps his private life private and his work life open to those who need to know. He’s used to keeping secrets, playing life close to his chest and he trusts extremely few people with anything beyond their immediate need-to-know. He can be friendly, chatty and warm when he wants to be, but is also very prone to taking himself off somewhere quieter to simply enjoy his own company. If he doesn’t have enough alone time, he becomes grumpy and abrupt. If he doesn’t spend enough sociable times with others, he becomes withdrawn and introspective to the point that he has to be dragged out into the world by a close friend or family. There are very few people who know the entirety of the real Cal, he guards his innermost self well.
Strengths & Weaknesses Very intuitive with alien races in particular
High empathy for a human, average by Betazoid standards, but does apply across all races.
Telepathy - high - Lethean skills remained melded with his brain after removing the active consciousness that had taken over.
Adept at learning languages
Average with technology
Physically fit
Sucker for a good bet, but never for money, always for a dare.
Confidence is sometimes far stronger than his ability.
A lover not a fighter, but capable in basic law enforcement self defence techniques.
Cuddly rather than chatty when drunk.
Had a Lethean taking up most of his headspace for two years - exorcised by Jaya and Gwynne on Mem Theta after Cal was captured.
Ambitions Openly - he’s good with just taking life one day, one mission at a time, thanks.
Secretly - settle with someone who loves him, be part of a close family.
Hobbies & Interests White-noising his mind to music. Spending time with family. Kicking out on a board on a real ocean. Gambling for dares and fun.

Personal History Eldest of 7 kids, but was a mistake and unwanted pregnancy back when his mother was young (17) and wild. The truth is that, while he was visiting his father on the orbital station, she seduced then slept with her guardian’s teenage son (15). The lie was the opposite. The outcome, even when the truth was proved, was that Cal’s grandfather was dismissed from his job. He returned to his home planet (Betazed) with his family. Penny wanted nothing to do with the child, embarrassed by the whole affair. The Ronets wanted to keep him, and took the newborn to raise him.

Cal met his mother once, while he was studying at Starfleet Academy, and he wasn’t impressed. She long ago disowned and disinherited him. He’s cut himself off from that side of his family completely, zero contact.

Cal’s early childhood was spent on Betazed, which told him the value of the truth and a secret craving for the magic of lies. He left this world (7) with his father when Cooper graduated from Starfleet Academy and received a posting on Scapa Outpost.

Cooper never married, but has had many short-lived, break-up-when-it-gets-serious relationships. He works as a Ports Officer, working his way around a carousel of roles in the busy station, finding his eventual career love through profiling smugglers and eventually moving into agent handling. This fascinates young Cal, who doesn’t have his father’s level of telepathic skill, but feels far more than a basic human. With continued practice and observation, Cal becomes rapidly more intuitive and keen and great with languages (including sign and body). He learns as much as he can from Cooper and practises by secretly profiling everyone he comes into contact with and keeping private records of his own.

At 17, Cal follows his father’s path and attends SF Academy. He studies Criminology/Counter Intelligence/Security, graduates at 22 and takes leave with his father for a few months before being posted. During this vacation time, Cal has a romantic encounter with a female smuggler (Jakka Rising) in a casino. Over the course of the next 3 years, her information and cooperation eventually leads the team to a Klingon cartel being infiltrated, but it also (some time later) puts a mark on the young man’s back when the smuggler’s undiscovered ally finally realises the connection. Jakka is killed, Cal is targeted but escapes with minor injuries, his father is badly hurt and the ally is apprehended by his team.

After this unwanted excitement and Cooper’s full recovery, Cal takes up an offer of ship assignments and begins working with VIPs and high profile targets - escorting them between locations on diplomatic missions (transporting high value items etc). He misses the handling work, but doesn’t want to put others, especially family, in danger so avoids returning to it.

On a return run from an escort assignment, Cal loses a bet with a colleague and agrees to talk to a potential asset. This individual is a rogue Lethean (Jumik) who apparently has information on a smuggling operation. He says he wants to trade and what he wants is sanctuary. Everyone is unsure about this whole deal, but the information is potentially devastating. Jumik is very reluctant to meet with anyone from Starfleet unless very specific conditions are met, but, after covert discussion over the course of a few months, mutual threats and one very guarded and uncomfortable meeting, Jumik agrees to talk to Cal.

This is a trap - the Letheans want to get close enough to an agent in order to attempt to take them over and then use them for a sting operation.

When Jumik doesn’t show for the agreed planetside meeting, Cal and his team hunt him down. They find him badly injured, but alive, in smugglers’ tunnels up in the hills. Cal and a colleague stay with the semi-conscious Lethean, while the others go to secure the area/hunt down his attackers. But Jumik isn’t as badly hurt as he implied. He attacks.

Plan goes awry when the rest of Cal's team return too quickly and witness the attack in progress. The Lethean is killed - but he dies while still in direct contact with Cal, and (unknown to the team) the transfer of his persona and memory goes through. Mind full of Jumik’s consciousness, Cal remains in a coma for 4 months, then awakens. He’s kept in a mental and physical recovery for another 6 months, but eventually satisfies the Medical staff that he’s back to acceptable fitness levels.

He passes all the tests, including an examination by his own father, and is taken back initially on light duties while he proves his fitness for active duty. Over the next 2 years Cal/Jumik bring in three high level targets (which will later turn out to be members of Jumik's opposition). In a moment of cockiness, however, Jumik screws up and reveals a stronger telepathic power than Cal was ever previously capable of demonstrating. He believes he’s gotten away with it, as no one openly remarks, but Cal’s father raises his suspicions with Starfleet and is ultimately the one who turns Cal in.

Service Record Born Orbital Station 230 µ [Eynhallow] 2357
Betazed from 2357 to 2364 (Aged 0 to 7)
Scapa Outpost from 2364 to 2374 (Aged 7-17)
Starfleet Academy 2374-2378 (Aged 17-21)
Starbase 151 ☼ [Halo] (Ports Office time) 2378-2383 (Aged 21-26)
Various - ship escorts: 2383-2386 (Aged 26-29)
Medical: 2386-2387 (Aged 29-30)
Active duty (as Lethean secret identity): 2387-2389 (Aged 30-32)
Brought to Mem Theta: 2389 (Aged 32)