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Lieutenant JG Kara Madavi

Name Kara Madavi

Position Terraforming Specialist

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 130lbs (59kg)
Hair Color Brown w/ Blonde Highlights
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Kara is in very good shape for a scientist, she regularly works out and keeps herself fit. She has strongly defined muscles but still keeps a decidedly feminine trim. Kara is proud of her body and being a woman of routine, she keeps the same workout regimen going every morning.

Her hair is often worn short, and down around her shoulders. Kara has been known to change it on a whim to be longer and will often wear it up when it is. Kara has deep brown eyes in contrast to her light olive skin.

Kara is a fan of colors in her clothing often changing them with the seasons. Not a very big fan of the heat, Kara wears clothes that will keep her cool, light fabrics, tank tops are her norm. In the lab, she prefers to be comfortable opting for civilian clothing or at the very least a Starfleet jumpsuit.


Father Arjun Madavi
Mother Ling Madavi
Other Family Sunitha Madavi (Aunt)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kara is a bit of a rebel, she bucks at authority and doesn’t always play well with a team. She has a lot of personal trauma in her past, losing her parents and then being abandoned by her remaining family has made it hard for her to get to know or trust people. Her instinctual reaction to other people is sarcasm and deflection. Kara’s motivation has always been personal, she’s not one for big ideas. But she does get the job done, she doesn’t like leaving things unfinished or half-assed. Her enjoyment of Science is pretty much the only thing she has a passion for besides her own hobbies.
Strengths & Weaknesses Kara is very smart and driven if a little abrasive at times. She is also someone driven to get the job done, she works hard and doesn't like to compromise results.
Ambitions For a long time, Kara's only ambition was to discover what happened to her parents. After spending time out there in space and not getting any closer to any answers she started to get frustrated and obsessive. Kara was more forced into her current reassignment than anything else and is more focused on coming to terms with that, than anything else.
Hobbies & Interests Kara’s first love is food, eating, and cooking. Growing up in a very foodie family she was exposed to many different types of food from all over the galaxy. If she hadn’t joined Starfleet she would have become a Chef. Kara enjoys music, she plays the guitar and sings but only when alone. She gets embarrassed singing in front of others. Often when working she will be playing music and it’s rare to find her quarters silent. More than anything she needs music, especially in the kitchen.

Personal History Kara Midavi

Born on Alpha Centauri to a family of boomers, Kara didn’t stay on planet long instead she grew on on her family’s starship, the Boasting Orca. By the time she was nine Kara had seen most of the Federation and was itching to see more. Her parents wanted to expand too, but not for the sake of exploring, business was getting harder all the time as larger state-run shipping companies starting gaining momentum as well as more governments contracting with Starfleet to run freight. It wasn’t long before they were running these more dangerous routes. While her parents experimented and figured out the best ones for their family, Kara was sent back to Alpha Centauri to live with her Aunt. The last time she saw her parents they fought about her wanting to go with them. The Orca was destroyed raided and destroyed by a Cardassian patrol in the opening months of the Dominion War.

Kara had a rough rest of her childhood, losing her parents, home and everyone she knew all at once was a lot to process. Years of self-destructive behavior, counseling, and an arrest or two pretty much defined everything. Eventually, her aunt was fed up and shipped her off to a boarding school on Earth. Once again Kara felt abandoned, and only acted out more, especially in the aftermath of the war and people trying to push her. The only person who’d been kind to her, or rather who Kara felt was kind was the Starfleet Officers who told her about her parents.

It was the one driving force she had, fears of getting back into space were overridden by wanting to find out what happened to the Orca. Somehow she got into the Academy, and actually thrived, for the first time in nearly a decade felt like she belonged. Kara found her passion in the Sciences, bio-engineering specifically. Despite having a promising career in research Kara wanted into space, she had a mission. It took two years aboard the Taniwha to get even some semblance of closure. Eventually, she realized, or more accurately as forced to realize that she needed to let her obsession go.

Her Chief pulled some strings and got her reassigned to a Science Team back on Earth. Highly classified but interesting, Kara wasn’t exactly eager but it was better than backsliding.
Service Record 2382 - 2386
Starfleet Academy

2386 - 2388
USS Taniwha

2388 - Present
Starfleet Science