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Lieutenant Sophie Xiong

Name Sophie Xiong

Position Lead Engineering Specialist

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5’2”
Weight 108 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Sophie is short and petite. Her face is round with a slight point to her chin. With the high cheekbones and almond shaped eyes, her ethnic heritage is undeniable.


Father Arnold Xiong
Mother Penny Xiong

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sophie is, for the most part, unpleasant. She is short-tempered, curt, a know-it-all who actually knows it all, and a stickler for the rules. It is rare that she finds anybody willing to put up with her many flaws, but when she does, she remains a loyal friend. She has a habit of picking out people she likes for almost no discernible reason and simply turning up to hang out. When she does this, she is typically softer than usual, but only by a foot or two. She enjoys theater and has been known to direct the odd play here or there. The actors involved in the plays admit that she isn’t easy to work with, but that the results speak for themselves. She is, overall, a difficult person, but a competent one.
Strengths & Weaknesses +intelligent
+hard working
+not afraid to get dirty

-difficult to work with
Hobbies & Interests theater, reading, music- plays bassoon and piano, and running

Personal History Sophie was born on Ixlight to human parents. Her father was a zoologist studying the fauna of the planet and her mother a school teacher. Being their first- and only- child, Sophie was much loved and doted upon by not only her parents, but teachers at school as well. An adorable, bright young girl who strictly follows the rules is enough to turn any adult’s head. As such, Sophie grew up with a bit of an inflated ego and as a bit of a know it all. Much to the chagrin of her peers, however, she really does know it all. If Sophie tells you something, you can be sure it is absolutely, unequivocally, and undeniably true.

In secondary school, she had no friends thanks to her love of rules and general smartie-pants attitude. This just wouldn’t do, so she found a small group of what most would consider geeks and adopted them as her friends. They didn’t know what to make of it, but as she was softer with them than everyone else and didn’t cause trouble, they tolerated her.

Upon completion of secondary school, she opted to attend the Academy, which meant leaving Ixlight for Earth. She had never before been on a planet with night and so was totally unprepared for just how dark and cold it would be. She spent one miserable year complaining and piling on clothing before one of her professors told her to stop complaining about things that cannot change. This seemed a profound truth to Sophie, who took the advice to heart and even stopped thinking the negative thoughts. She found that she was far happier and better able to concentrate when she stopped worrying about everything that she couldn’t change.

She graduated first in her class, of course, and after only a year on the Accosta, was promoted to assistant chief engineer. This further stoked her ego and made her even less likeable. However, when she stood up to unreasonable demands from the ship’s XO, informing her that there was absolutely no way she was going to force her men (and women) to work around the clock for three days just so he could win some childish competition with a childhood rival, she earned their respect. When she left the Accosta, “her men” threw her a going away party, which made her tear up a bit, though she would never admit it.

She then spent several years on the Impala where a couple of similar incidents endeared her- albeit slightly grudgingly- to the other engineers. And so, when she was promoted to Chief Engineer, the rest of the department knew that though she was hard on them, she had their backs. So it was with a bit of disappointment- and also a bit of relief- that she was transferred off the ship to an assignment Starfleet Command would not divulge. Sensing that she was about to be let in on some sort of top secret mission, Sophie jumped at the opportunity.

NOTES ON IX: Ix is a planet in Federation territory that revolves only one time each of its years, leaving one side always facing the sun and one side always away. Both sides are inhabitable as there is land mass and a very thick atmosphere that keeps it from getting too hot or too cold. The people who live there refer to the sides as Ixlight and Ixdark. There are native animals and plants on both sides of the planet. The twilight areas on either side of the planet have no land mass.

On Ixdark, buildings are heated to a maximum of 15C and the lights are kept at about 15% of what the rest of the galaxy uses. This is so that their eyes stay adapted to the lower light and temperatures of the planet. Both vegetation and animal life is sparse, small, and docile.

Ixlight is completely the opposite. The cooling systems are kept at no lower than 30C and they use no lights except in rooms in the center of a building. They have far more windows than anywhere else in the galaxy. The vegetation is almost impossible to control and the animals are large, but not overly voracious- most are herbivores. Still, it’s not smart to go outside alone and without a stunner.
Service Record Starfleet Academy
USS Accosta
USS Impala
Memory Theta