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Lieutenant JG Grace Sternwood

Name Grace Michelle Sternwood Ph.D.

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 21

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 128lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Gray


Personality & Traits

General Overview Grace is an introspective person who wants nothing more than to break free of what she feels is a trap. Her life secluded among archeological digs and some other expeditions with her parents left her disconnected from other children as well as never having a true childhood of her own. In addition to being shy and socially awkward, she can be completely oblivious to social cues, sarcasm, and jokes.
Ambitions Grace’s main ambition is to become more entwined with her coworkers and to become part of a group outside of work. Grace realizes that there are many aspects of daily communication that she lacks from her upbringing and while capable in a professional setting she has no ability to create personal relationships.
Hobbies & Interests Grace has always used education as a way to entertain herself, she loves solving puzzles, tackling new languages, as well as building computers and operating systems. Her current main hobbies include studying the more social aspect of culture in the fleet as well as upkeep of an operating system she thinks one day could replace LCARS.

Personal History Grace was born on a private runabout as her parents rushed to the nearest Starfleet Facility a Deep Space station. Her parents were archeologists on the payroll of the Federation government but not part of any sanctioned organization. Their work was to discover and research lost treasures of the Federation and civilizations of the past. Little did Grace know that both her parents at one point had been uniformed officers in various assignments within Starfleet.

Her parents had started their trip from their camp hoping to reach the base by her due date but that wasn’t to happen. Instead, Grace was born on the runabout that they were using to make the trip.

Grace’s childhood was spent in seclusion traveling around the galaxy with her parents and at times small groups of others in their field. It seemed as if no matter what and how big their group was that she was the only child. Education, computers, and her love of all things language and code not only kept her occupied but made her a valuable asset to the team. Her progeny level understanding of language and being able to decipher patterns was extremely useful in coding computer systems and the ‘language’ they speak.

Around age sixteen an archeological dig that her parents were on resulted in a theta level threat and the response of a Memory Theta Field Team. During this contact with the team Grace’s knowledge of language for which her parents claim she was a child prodigy caught the attention of team leadership and she assisted in containing the threat. Education her main source of entertainment she was only just a few years before she would obtain a Ph.D. in Archaeology at the time of meeting the team.

The team member kept in contact with her and kept up on her projects that she used to occupy her time in her secluded lifestyle with her parents. It was the constant communication the idea of being able to explore as part of a group that drew her into applying for Starfleet after completing her doctorate. Unfortunately, due to her age, she was unable to enter Starfleet as a Commissioned Officer which would have only been appropriate due to her age so she held off and worked as a civilian adjunct professor at the Starfleet Academy. While teaching a class or two at the Academy each semester while working there as a civilian she was able to complete a second Ph.D. this one in Computer and Informational Science.

When she was old enough she applied to Starfleet once again and was accepted with a Direct Commission and attended Direct Commissioned Officer Candidate School, located at Starfleet Academy. Upon completion of her direct commission and at the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade she was assigned to Starfleet Academy once again until Memory Theta made contact and had her transferred to their department.