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Lieutenant Commander Kiril Nevin

Name Kiril Nevin

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Bajoran
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 165lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown


Father -Kiril Maerix was a Bajoran patriot who fought and died in the Resistance of the Cardassian Occupation
Mother -Kiril Velaidyan was a sweet woman who cared for her children as they were all she had in this world. She died before seeing her youngest son enter Starfleet.
Brother(s) -Haz is the oldest of the Kiril siblings, being 9 years older than Nevin. He idolized his father and when he died, swore to avenge his death against the Cardassians. After being captured by Starfleet as a member of the Maquis, he was released and has had no contact with Nevin since their mother's funeral.

-Scalda is the middle brother and twin sibling to Monni. The twins are 7 years older than Nevin followed their older brother into the Resistance and then the Maquis. Both died in a Maquis ambush in 2373
Sister(s) -Monni is the only daughter in the Kiril family and twin sibling to Scalda. The twins are 7 years older than Nevin followed their older brother into the Resistance and then the Maquis. Both died in a Maquis ambush in 2373

Personality & Traits

General Overview Nevin is guided by a strong moral compass and a personal mandate of pacifism.

Personal History In 2361, during the heart of the Cardassian Occupation, Kiril Nevin was born to Kiril Maerix and Velaidyan in the Ruani Province. Being the youngest of their four children, Nevin didn't have the chance to know his father, as he was killed before he was born. Being a member of the Resistance was a hard life, but his father's commitment resonated through their family, causing both of Nevin's older brothers and older sister to join when they were old enough. As Nevin got older, his siblings naturally assumed he would join them, but it soon became clear he had no intention of doing so.

Velaidyan knew, from an early age, that her youngest child was different from the others. He was bright and sensitive and she did her best to protect him from the horrors of the Occupation. But there was no escaping the tragedy that was around them. Where most Bajorans were focused on fighting against their overlords, Nevin saw the pain and suffering that affected both sides of the conflict.

The day the Occupation ended was a happy day for all Bajorans, and Nevin was no exception. Living through such an event nurtured a desire to help people and he was inspired to someday become a Doctor. Velaidyan was proud that her son wanted to take up such an ambitious goal, but it began to cause friction between him and his three siblings, who felt that pacifism spit on their father's legacy. After the Cardassians left Bajor, the Kiril family moved to a nearby colony to try and start a new life without the reminder of the past constantly around them.

But a life of peace just wasn't in the cards for the Kiril family. Stemming from the Resistance, the three older siblings felt sympathetic towards the Maquis movement in the Demilitarized Zone and left to take up arms against the Cardassians and Federation. Their mother begged them to reconsider but there was nothing that would change their mind. Young Nevin was left with his mother, where he began to study in hopes of one day making a difference by saving lives rather than taking them.

Nevin was twelve when his world changed forever. It was a crisp autumn morning when word came that the Maquis cell his siblings belonged to had been ambushed. While his oldest brother had been captured by Starfleet, the twins weren't as lucky having both lost their lives. This was a hard blow for Velaidyan who had been writing to her children that they needed to come home. She was never the same after that.

The years passed and the war between the Federation and Dominion waged around them. Nevin considered them lucky that their colony held little advantage for either side, so it was mostly left alone during the conflict. This gave him plenty of time to continue his studies in preparation for his chosen career.

Nevin's mother died when he was 17. The Dominion War had just come to a close and there was hope of peace on the horizon, but not for the Kiril family. Her funeral was the last time Nevin and his older brother saw each other. Having just been released from Federation confinement, Haz was obviously upset by his younger brother's decision to join Starfleet. But Nevin was adamant in his decision and the two parted ways.

Four years at the Academy were a welcomed change for the young Bajoran. Having found himself without a family, Nevin welcomed the rigorous academic curriculum and booming social scene to keep his mind off of it. His natural athleticism was noticed and he also joined the Academy gymnastics team. This was also when Nevin met his first boyfriend, a young Trill by the name of Sylar. They were a cute couple and enjoyed the time they spent together, but when Nevin graduated and had to go through residency, the two agreed that breaking up was for the best to both of them.

Residency was the hardest thing Nevin had ever experienced, academically. Three years of grueling work and sleepless nights spent studying and caring for patients left little time for much else. But Nevin's passion for helping people gave him hope and drive and he welcomed the challenges set before him. His hard work and dedication paid off in his third year when he earned the job of Chief Resident of his unit.

Upon entering the fleet, the day-to-day job of a Medical Officer was very different than what he expected. Having been assigned to the USS Gallagher, a Galaxy-class starship set exploring the Gamma Quadrant, Nevin found he had much more free time than he expected and the crew was very welcoming. But the biggest surprise of all was finding a familiar face within the Engineering department. After some time getting reacquainted, Nevin and Sylar rekindled their relationship and began dating again.

In late 2388, the Gallagher discovered an alien neurological pathogen that decimated an entire away team. Medical quickly stepped in and Nevin lead a team to work on finding a cure for the sickness that they'd found. During the course of the work, Starfleet Intelligence became involved, deeming the pathogen to be a Theta-level threat and ordered all samples be moved into their care. As a cure hadn't been discovered, Nevin was temporarily loaned to Starfleet Intelligence to accompany the pathogen and continue his work.

Nevin now finds himself assigned to Memory Theta until his work is completed and he is able to return to the USS Gallagher and his boyfriend.
Service Record === 2379 - 2383 ===
Starfleet Academy
Medical Major

=== 2383 - 2386 ===
Starfleet Medical
Neuroscience Residency

=== 2386 - 2388 ===
USS Gallagher
Medical Officer
Lieutenant JG/Lieutenant

=== 2388 - PRESENT ===
Memory Theta
Lead Biomedical Specialist