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Lieutenant Nevada McKay

Name Nevada McKay M.D.

Position Biocybernetics Specialist

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5'3"
Weight 63 KG
Hair Color Light brown
Eye Color Emerald Green
Physical Description A moderately attractive human female, Nevada Stands at 5'3" with Fair Latin Skin, and a Well muscled fit build. Dark green eyes and short light brown hair which she keeps cut close to her head in a Short, Well maintained bob. She has several small scars on her right arm, most of which are masked by a Large Fox tattoo Sleeve that runs the entire length of her arm.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Dr. Matthew McKay MD. Deceased
Mother Dr. Jenora McKay MD. Deceased
Brother(s) 4 Biological
Sister(s) 3 Biological

Personality & Traits

General Overview Nevada has been described by what few peers she had in the academy as a Cold, ruthlessly efficient big soft teddy bear. Her drive to finish a task will make her put aside her emotions and desires to achieve success, so long as it doesn't place herself, or people she cares about at risk. Nevada is driven to succeed, something that stems from her large family largely neglecting to praise her durning her youth. In her down time She is cheerful and friendly.
Strengths & Weaknesses Ruthlessly Efficient+
Eidetic memory (written Material only)+
Emotionally Distant -
Ambitions to Legalize Genetic engineering
Not kill at least one bonsai Tree
To come out of her fathers shadow as a Medical Professional.
Discover the perfect ice cream flavor.
Hobbies & Interests Genetic engineering
Tea and Coffee
Mixed martial arts combative training
Long walks in rugged mountains.
Mountains in general.
extreme fascination with antique firearms.

Personal History Nevada McKay was born in Chihuahua Mexico as the second child in a family that would eventually have 8 children, including her. Four years after her birth her family moved to Utah to a quaint plot of land in a small town know as Heber. During her youth her academic achievements were largely overshadowed by her families more gifted children. While Nevada did manage to pass all of her exams she always felt more of a connection with the out doors, and spent the majority of her childhood exploring the mountains of Utah with out supervision rather then building personal Relations with her neighbors.
Her parents fearing for the young girls emotional state had her seen by psychologists, who diagnosed her Social anxiety, a diagnosis that did little to sway her in her ways, as the wilderness of Utah seemed almost to perfect for a girl who wanted to escape reality.
On her fourteenth birthday Nevada ran away from home with a rucksack full of supplies and a sleeping bag to live in the mountains she’d grown to love. Though her stay in the wilderness was short lived, and she soon found herself dragged back home by law enforcement.
By the age of sixteen Nevada had completed the required course work to earn a Diploma, and rather then follow in her fathers footsteps and study to become a doctor she once again packed up her rucksack, but this time to emancipate herself from home, and start her life. For the next year Nevada wandered the earth, living from city to city, occasionally working at a cargo dock to earn whatever credits she needed for her life.
It wasn’t until she received the heart breaking news of her father’s death that Nevada decided to do something with her life, by enrolling in Star Fleet academy. With most of her peers being the tops of their primary education classes Nevada had a lot to prove at the academy, a fact she knew all to well. As a result of this, Nevada spent all four years of her academy training eschewing social events in favor of intense study sessions in her dorm room. While she didn’t graduate at the top of her class she put enough effort in with her professors and supervisors to earn their respect as a hard working cadet.
Her Final thesis was widely criticized by the Academy ethics board as she spent nearly four pages Advocating the Legalization of genetic engineering and pointing out the outdated and Flawed points of the Hypocratic oath.
With her graduation Nevada quickly volunteered for any deep space assignment she could, partially to avoid her family, but mostly for the thrill of adventure the last frontier could offer her.
Service Record Completed the Star fleet academy Medical Course With a Focus on Cybernetics and Genetics: No honors awarded
Served as a doctor at Star Base 10 for 2 years.
Served as a ACMO At Star base 47 for three years.
Served as CMO aboard the USS Odyssey: 1 year