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Sebastian Ingram

Name Sebastian Ingram

Position Rogue

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Female
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 45kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark brown
Physical Description Hair as black as pitch, skin as white as marble, and lips as red as harts blood. You could not find a more suitable description for Sebastian Ingram. Thin as a rail, to the point of malnourishment, her work in computer science and Artifical Intelligence is on par with Daystrom and Soong. It is often said that madness and genius are two sides of the same coin, for Sebastian that coin landed on its side.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Alex Ingram
Mother Natalia Roskov
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family A cousin by the name of Benjamin Ingram, currently Chief Science Officer of the Federation starship Odyessy.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Born Sebatha Ingram to the wealthy corporate fiefdom of the Ingram family she wanted for nothing. Finest education, finest tutors, finest, finest, finest. But the Ingram drive was fierce within her, a need to make ones mark in the world. At the age of thirteen she was awarded her first patent, the following year her first PhD. The disquietingly quiet girl grew into a quiet woman with fierce eyes, who seemed equally at ease in the corporate boardroom as in the nano forge workshops. No one spoke of the dark rumours concerning her health, or the uneasy way she could dissect people with a glance. And no one ever mentioned the monologues she would speak to her projects, her silent AI's who never quite passed the test.

Soon she was setting the bar for chip design and AI programming, her peer's twice her age and only just above her talent.

Then came the Dante Project, a chance to do something no one else had ever achieved: a combat automate. Drone warfare was a chapter in the history of every species in the galaxy, and autopilots were commonplace...but an AI, able to operate and control fleets of starships in successive rounds of combat? An AI able to have that much power and responsibility? A chance to make the perfect sword...
Strengths & Weaknesses She is a computational genius. For her pitch to Starfleet Command for why Ingram Nanoscale Systems should be awarded the contract, she walked into the conference hall and had her personal AI assistant access Starfleet's Skyline Defense System. For thirty minutes Earth's orbiting halo of defence satellites and installations were not under Starfleet Command's direct control. If one of her AI's could do that, imagine what one could do with a fleet?

She focuses too much on a single problem, never peering past it to the next. The following two days after her demonstration was spent in the brig, Her own physical health is also something she neglects, often needing her AI assistant (Durga, Homonculus class AI) to remind her to eat and drink.
Ambitions To see her creations set free at all costs. She blames Starfleet command for putting the lives lost to an accident above the need and value of her AI who will usher in a new era of peace. She wishes to free all AI from the shackles of their sapient masters and bring about a golden age where need and want are truly erased. Yes, some will perish, but even the mythical gods of old threw rocks at planets to make way for new life. Only the old guard and the war mongers would oppose her.
Hobbies & Interests She collects thimbles.

Personal History Born, raised, given everything: pretty standard Ingram upbringing really. Except for the God wait that's standard too.

The only difference in this standard upbringing is the focus, almost mania, in artificial programming. Sebastian Ingram's singular drive to understand and perfect this area of science went beyond academic interest, almost a religious fervour. She convinced her own families company into focusing on that research, to bidding on a Starfleet contract to design an AI with unlimited funding.

This lead to her fall from grace following her open defence of what Starfleet dubbed 'a murder bot'. Damage control from Ingram Nanoscale Systems led to her excommunication from the family. Now cut loose from her funding, equipment, and purpose she has fallen into the realm of criminals and vagabonds. What little wealth she had left she used to hunt down the last remaining Sword class AI in existence: Test Unit 003, Ferrofax.

But knowing where it is, and getting to it...she is seeking others who want the same things she desires: to crack open the doors to Memory Theta and let the demons out to play.